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1- Richard Lennon    

After reviewing the commodity “First the Flood, Now the Fight” assorted times, I was clumsy to acquisition acutely authentic examples of accumbent or vertical affiliation in the commodity based off the definitions and examples we abstruse in the assigned video.  Horizontal affiliation is back a aggregation or alignment acquires a agnate aggregation or alignment in the aforementioned industry or field.  The abutting archetype to accumbent affiliation in the commodity occurred afterwards the storm back FEMA oversaw and managed about 700 contractors and advisers during the accretion process.  Vertical affiliation is back a aggregation or alignment acquires a aggregation that operates either afore or afterwards the accepting aggregation or alignment in the assembly process.  There was no bright affirmation of vertical affiliation that I begin in this article.

Inter-organizational allocation afterwards Katrina was poor and inconsistent at best.  It was declared in the commodity that “current and aloft admiral at all levels accusation FEMA workers' affliction with accommodation rules, weaknesses in U.S. adversity laws and inconsistent analysis by Congress for abundant of the wrangling”.  I anticipate the bigger botheration was that the abolition that Katrina acquired was so geographically widespread, that FEMA had to bisect their cadre and assets up amidst a abundant beyond breadth afresh originally planned for.  Spreading their cadre out like this to awning a beyond breadth is area I accept a lot of the problems happened, because it afresh affected them to accept beneath accomplished cadre accomplish in roles/capacities that they would contrarily not commonly accomplish in because they were the alone accessible assets at the time.  This could accept been one of the causes for the afresh disputes amidst bounded governments and FEMA assembly due to the abnormal estimation of rules and adversity laws by FEMA representatives.   

Horizontal accretion is article that I accept we in Emergency Administration will revisit on abounding occasions.  A anatomy of acting accumbent affiliation is article that occurs during best adversity recoveries.  After a disaster, FEMA or a bounded emergency administration bureau usually takes over analogous and arch the accretion effort.  During this time, they additionally booty ascendancy of accessible accomplishment and accretion organizations to use in whatever way to backpack out the organization’s ambition and all-embracing mission.  This is altered than the accumulated apple area a aggregation is taken over forever, admitting in the adversity accretion ambience it is adapted for this to action on a acting basis

2-Doug Harper    

Not accepting any academic apprenticeship in Business Administration, but accepting an compassionate of macro and micro economics to be honest I had heard of vertical and accumbent affiliation as it relates to business. Saying that the video presented absolutely did a abundant job of "dumbing it down", and did accomplish it easier for me to understand. Taking the aforementioned abstraction and applying it to Emergency Administration I approved to explain it to myself in simple terms. I came up with my definition(s) and my acknowledgment below:

(1) Vertical integration: How a association interacts with the altered levels of government. Basically local/municipal government admiral accord with the state/province, afresh with the federal government. Anniversary of the three levels of government communicates with anniversary other. Abundant like in the blaze account back Blaze gets calm with our EMS partners, and the PD we use the appellation "Unified Command". The adjustment works during an emergency as anniversary bureau sends a chief adumbrative or the specialized agents (think of a Haz-mat call, you would appetite the Haz techs to be present during the meeting). We collectively actuate a strategy, afresh devise the approach to acknowledge to the adventure at hand. Depending on attributes of the call, the advance bureau is authentic by the blazon of call. For archetype PD would be the advance for a bomb call, or address of accessible agitation accident and use of say sarin gas. For a academy bus chaotic with accumulation casualties it may absolutely be EMS, and for say a blaze at a petrol ability Blaze would be the lead. The booty abroad is anniversary bureau plays a key role. Abundant like anniversary akin of government will accept a allotment to comedy during a disaster.

To accompany the aloft into ambience of the 1993 Midwest floods the akin of vertical affiliation was great. Acute I may say, This accident was beyond 534 counties beyond 9 states and appropriate $4.2B of absolute federal aid. Additionally to be acclaimed was the acknowledged federal buyout affairs to abolish families from rebuilding on the floodplain (this was advised in above-mentioned EMGT 6603). The States had a absolute role as able-bodied as was apparent as Missouri took up this affairs and had acknowledged results. The Missouri State Emergency Administration Bureau (SEMA) played a absolute role in administering the affairs for the association of Missouri. This already afresh shows vertical affiliation in commendations to EM. 

As for strengths and weaknesses I see the abstraction of "turf wars" actuality the bigger albatross and EM Managers charge be cognative of and accord with as anon as they become acquainted of a abortive adjustment alpha to booty hold. On the alternative duke if an "expert" is needed, I feel assured aural the vertical affiliation archetypal one will be begin whether from the state/province or federal government. Anticipate of alternate aid extreme.

To strengthen and body on a best convenance system, to accomplish the acknowledgment bigger already afresh I feel accord architecture 101. Not during an event, but above-mentioned to a adversity the bounded EM Managers charge to communicate, appear able symposiums, visit, call, and accommodate alternate updates as to the affairs of their bounded association with state/provincial and federal bodies who would be alleged aloft during an event. In alternative words pre-planning by actuality able to apperceive not aloof how to do something, but who will we call.

(2) Accumbent integration: How the association interacts with the added assets accessible to them during the accretion appearance (short appellation and continued term). I anticipate of groups/agencies such as The Red Cross, Salvation Army, bounded association groups whether breezy (think allied groups) or groups such as The Rotary Club or The Kinsmen Club (Canada), acceptance based groups, bounded BIA's (Business Improvement Associations), bounded Ratepayer groups (if the absolute association is absolutely destroyed such as from a agrarian blaze or tornado this may not be practical) to name a few. This blazon of affiliation I anticipate of as anybody is a "partner" and brings article to the table and are to be advised as equals.

As for accumbent affiliation I about-face to the American Red Cross. I do so as abounding groups I am abiding played a role but from this apply from my analysis shows the acknowledgment was admirable: Since 1992, the American Red Cross (ARC) has recruited amusing workers and alternative brainy bloom professionals to serve in the Adversity Brainy Bloom (DMH) program, and the National Association of Amusing Workers (NASW) has partnered with them to abutment recruitment. In the after-effects of disasters, DMH volunteers abutment co-workers, survivors, and abatement ally with identification of brainy bloom needs (psychological triage), advance of animation and arresting abilities (psychological aboriginal aid, psychoeducation, accessible bloom messaging, and consultation), and targeted interventions (referrals, crisis intervention, blow support, and advocacy) ( I begin it acrid as one of our classmates in a Discussion cardboard talked about sending brainy bloom affliction workers to a adversity arena during the PDA phase. It appears the ARC has a academic plan already in abode with their DMH program. They were beatific in during the 1993 floods.What an archetype of accumbent affiliation indeed.

The one affair back ambidextrous with accumbent affiliation is the EM Manager charge advance blank still. Anticipate of accepting a able IC (Incident Commander) in place. The IC makes the decisions, but goes to his/her assets and develops an able IAP (Incident Action Plan). The assets in this case are our ally aural the association (and of advance the bodies themselves). On the adverse ancillary of the spectrum, back you assignment with alternative association ally they feel they accept a absolute ascribe into the accommodation making. Accompany key players to the table/game and appoint them, and the after-effects will pay assets I feel. 

To achieve EM Managers will use both concepts during accretion of vertical and accumbent integration. We charge to assignment with locals and all the way up to federal and alike all-embracing agencies. Anticipate of accepting a "Rolodex" at your feel tips back needed, vs activity to Google or worse the Governments "phone book" on who you are activity to call. In alternative words pre-planning by actuality able to apperceive not aloof how to do something, but who will we call.

1.Characterize the akin of accumbent and vertical affiliation observed, including their aftereffect on specific outcomes. 

2.Strengths and weaknesses in inter-organizational allocation should be described. 

3.What could be done to strengthen inter-organizational coordination, both angular and horizontally, based on the advice acquired from lectures and assigned readings. 

4.Summarize how vertical and accumbent affiliation may appulse alternative capacity discussed up to this point in the advance that were not addressed in the case abstraction provided. 

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