Module 6 Case Study: Perfection

  Directions Module 6 focuses on the fifth and final assumption of Lean, Perfection. This bore introduces several accoutrement associated with Lean, including poka-yoke and 5S. These accoutrement can be activated in both your able and claimed life. Please appearance the videos on poka-yoke and 5S. Choose one affair to acknowledge to the afterward points: Poka-Yoke Poka-yoke, the Japanese appellation for absurdity or aberration proofing, is advised to abate aberration or anticipate defects (aka errors or mistakes) acquired by animal alternation with a process. Submit a one- to two-page cardboard responding to the afterward points: Thinking of your organization, analyze and call as abounding examples of poka-yoke as possible. For anniversary of these examples, how do they abate animal aberration or anticipate defects? In your claimed life, analyze and call some examples of poka-yoke that advice you from authoritative mistakes. How do they do this? 5S 5S is a Japanese authoritative alignment with bristles accomplish that alpha with the letter “S”. Some organizations accept added a sixth step, Safety. Submit a one- to two-page cardboard responding to the afterward points: Has your alignment implemented 5S? If so, what are some examples? How has 5S impacted your alignment positively? If not, what suggestions do you accept for implementing 5S? Let’s move to 5S in your claimed life. In best of our residences, there are areas that get chaotic including garages, attics, basements, kitchens, closets, etc. Pick one breadth and for anniversary footfall of 5S call the activities you would do. Parameters Page length: 2 pages, double-spaced

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