Module 4

Your asperous abstract should accommodate a awning slide, the anatomy of the slide, and a advertence slide. The presentation should authenticate a able apriorism account about your called country and its healthcare system. The presentation should be 14 slides long. (not including appellation and advertence slide). Your analysis should accommodate at atomic bristles analysis resources. The presentation charge use in-text citations and references in APA format. This advance activity requires you to baddest a country (INDIA) and advance a cardboard about that country's bloom commitment system. Your cardboard will accommodate the afterward information: Demographic advice and basic bloom statistics  about the country Current bloom cachet and abrupt history of the accepted  healthcare system Cultural, religious, social, and political factors  that affect the bloom system Challenges of the accepted healthcare arrangement and issues  being faced Future bloom bump based on assets bare to  address the country's healthcare issues Comparison of the called country and the U.S. bloom  system. Recommendations on how this country's bloom arrangement  can be improved Thesis account attached 

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