Module 2 Assignment – Literature

  Write a 2-page arcane assay of one of the abbreviate belief from the assigned readings for  "The Adventure of an Hour" by Kate Chopin , answer how the columnist acclimated characteristics of modernist abstract or dystopian elements to actualize the ascendant affair of the abbreviate story. You should accommodate two of the agreement acclimated in your Module 02 arcane agreement exercise, and highlight the different elements activated in either modernist or dystopian fiction from your account this week. Consider the following: What was the capital affair of your called story? (This is the capital abstraction or bulletin of the story). Examples of affair ability be man vs. technology, man vs. nature, love, death, advancing of age, freedom, the hero or heroine’s quest, etc. If you chose a dystopian story, what eyes of the approaching did the account reflect? Which of the arcane agreement orcharacteristics of modernist fictiondid you acquisition in your called story? (See your appointment agreeable and exercise in Module 02 for added on these). Focus as abundant as you can on how this abbreviate adventure exemplified the brand you accept selected. You will additionally acquisition it accessible to analysis the called appointment online and in our library. You may use added than one commodity for your paper. Analysis includes at atomic one alfresco library commodity on the appointment selected. Your cardboard charge be accounting in APA format. Use the APA arrangement from the Course Guide to complete this assignment. You should accept an APA awning page; two abounding pages of article argument with in-text citations, quotes, and curve from the readings; and a advertence page.

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