Module 10 Written Assignment – Web Scavenger Hunt

   Module 10 Written Assignment - Web Scavenger Hunt Points/Grading Rubric: Criteria Points Identifies ambition called from NPSG (Joint Commission Website) Lists three methods articular to accommodated NPSGs Select and altercate consequence of "Speak" video Address whether the "Speak Up" video will change accommodating outcomes List affidavit why you anticipate that bodies don't ablution their hands Discuss how duke abrasion relates to accommodating safety Provide strategies for convalescent duke hygiene in patients and in providers Grammar, APA and Organization The aboriginal articulation takes you to The Joint Commission website You will apprehension that National Accommodating Assurance Goals (NPSG) are afar by blazon affliction provided. Choose the continued appellation affliction link. Choose one of the goals listed and account three means you ability be able to accommodated that goal. The abutting articulation will booty you to the "Speak Up" initiative. Choose and appearance one of the videos. In a branch altercate your consequence of the videos and if you anticipate that they will advance accommodating outcomes. A NSPG that is threaded into every bloom affliction ambience is HAND HYGIENE. Search and analyze the Centers for Disease Control or the World Bloom Organization websites for duke washing/hand hygiene. Are you afraid at the aggregate of information? Provide a account of the affidavit you anticipate that bodies don't ablution their hands. How does duke abrasion chronicle to accommodating safety? What can be done to advance duke hygiene in patients and in providers? Here are some accessible links: Hand Hygiene Clean Affliction is Safer Care

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