MODULE 10 Maternal Child Discussion

Group A - Complete the antecedent response.

Intimate Partner Violence: A 30 y/o woman presents to the Emergency Department with a complaint of animal advance by a accessory in her office. She has no facial or anatomy trauma, able-bodied or lacerations. She is withdrawn, arrant and relates activity actual accusable about advancing into the dispensary but is abashed of accepting pregnant. They had amorphous dating a anniversary ago, but she never believed this man would become so aggressive.

How can you best advice this woman?

What medical affliction should be provided?

What apprenticeship will you accommodate to her?

Group B: responding to this discussion

Care for this accommodating does not achieve at the end of this ED visit.

What chase up affliction should be provided?

Who is best ill-fitted to accommodate affliction to this patient? this is a articulation to the web site.

Discussion: Group B - amuse complete this antecedent discussion.

You are alive in a rural Family Planning Health dispensary and a 16 y/o presents with complaints of vaginal pain, discharge, odor x 4 days. Affliction is accepting worse. Her mother relates she has a cerebral acquirements adjournment and has approved to allocution to her about her consensual animal behavior with assorted partners. She tells you she has "felt some 'bumps' bottomward there." She relates assorted animal ally because she is now accepted and it is allotment of the 'game' to break accepted with her new friends. Diagnosis: HPV with several condyloma lesions, a vaginal aggrandize infection, and chlamydia.

She is accustomed a decree for Chlamydia, and the vulvar lesions, told to chase up in 2 weeks.

How do you access her and activate the chat apropos safe animal practices? What are your thoughts about this adolescent lady? How do you feel about her game? How would you advance to accord her education?

Group A: acknowledge to this discussion.

This applicant is a victim to animal coercion. As the assistant what is your role and responsibility.

As the assistant what is your role and responsibility?

Can you absolute her to a abutment arrangement that would be on activity to abetment her?
What will appear to her if she begins to debris to participate in this animal behavior?

Include intext commendation with 3-4 references

Respond to Group B only

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