Module 10 case study

   Module 10: Clinical case: Coaching and Teaching Mrs. E. is 69 years old and was accepted for acutely aerial claret burden which acquired her to be addled and abatement at home. She sprained her wrist and had assorted bruises and complained of some chest pain. She is a added and lives with her two dogs. Her accouchement alive in the abutting accompaniment and try to appointment her often. She does accept one sister and brother-in-law who alive in the aforementioned city. Mrs. E. has been almost advantageous during her activity but back her bedmate anesthetized abroad from a massive affection advance aftermost year she has not been as alive as she had been. She additionally has begin it difficult to accomplish commons alone for herself. As a result, she has absent 15 pounds in the aftermost year, she was already absolutely thin. Mrs. E. is a adherent Christian and was built-in in India and emigrated to the United States back she was affiliated due to her husband's profession. She misses her bedmate and her accouchement and does not like to appointment her doctor appropriately the basic hypertension. During her hospital break amlodipine 2.5 mg/day was prescribed. Submit an alone assignment. You may use any books or alternative assets or references to complete this assignment. Use APA Editorial Format for all citations and references. List the ambition for this teaching/coaching plan Describe three teaching resources Identify the teaching strategies that can be used List the specific instructions that may be bare      regarding her medication and what adverse reactions to be acquainted of/and      what to do Identify two factors that may abnormally access      adherence to the medication and how they can be overcome Describe how to accommodate the family Provide advice on how and back she should seek      support and help

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