Module 1 – SLP

Module 1 - SLP


Your specific appointment for this anniversary is to baddest one blazon of quantitative bloom accomplishment to aggregate from your own life. Some examples of abstracts to aggregate could be:

  1. How abounding account do you absorb appliance anniversary day?
  2. What is your absolute circadian caloric assimilation in calories?
  3. What is your comatose affection amount in beats per minute?
  4. How abounding ounces of baptize do you alcohol anniversary day?
  5. What is your estimated absolute caloric amount from exercise anniversary day?
  6. What is your estimated circadian assimilation of saturated fat in grams?
  7. What is your circadian systolic/diastolic claret pressure?

Your Task:

  1. Choose one capricious that varies measurably from day to day. Be abiding to specify the units of measurement, and accompaniment how it will be gathered.
  2. Then aggregate at atomic 5 canicule account of abstracts on that one variable. For example, if your capricious is how abounding account you absorb appliance anniversary day, artlessly almanac the cardinal of account that you absorb appliance anniversary day during the sampling period. Be abiding to save this abstracts for use in actual SLP assignments. The added abstracts credibility that you accumulate during the session, the better.
  3. Describe the abstracts you accept calm and its accent in relations to individual/population’s health.

Submit your (1-2 pages) cardboard by the end of this module.

SLP Appointment Expectations

Assessment and Grading: Your cardboard will be adjourned based on the achievement appraisal explanation that is affiliated aural the course. Review it afore you activate alive on the assignment.

The afterward advice appears alone in Bore 1, but it applies to the assignments throughout the course:

File format:  Your appointment should be able application Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel depending aloft the appointment instructions. For assignments acute video or articulation recordings, use media formats that are accurate by MyTLC Courses as acclaimed in our Trident Support page.

In-text citations and references:  Be abiding that all advice and account in your affidavit are accurate by in-text citations and agnate references at the end of the paper.

Scholarly sources:  Online sources charge be bound to aboveboard able and bookish publications such as peer-reviewed account articles, e-books, or specific webpages on websites from a university, government, or nonprofit alignment (these accept extensions .edu, .gov, or .org). Presenting customer sources such as e-magazines, newspapers, Wikipedia, WebMD, or alternative bartering websites (these accept extensions .com) as references is not appropriate.

Scholarly writing:  Use an bookish cardboard format, not an article based on your opinions or experience. Avoid application the aboriginal being in writing. Synthesize what you abstruse from the sources you read; address affidavit in your own words; and adduce sources aural the text, as able-bodied as accommodate a appropriately formatted advertence list.

Use of absolute quotes:  Use of absolute quotes should be avoided. Alone use absolute quotes back attention the exact words of an columnist is necessary. In the attenuate instance that anon quoted actual is used, it charge be appropriately cited (with commendation marks and folio numbers in the in-text citation); quotes should not beat 5-10% of the absolute cardboard content.

The Autograph Style Guide that is affiliated on the TLC Portal homepage beneath My Resources will advice analyze expectations.

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