Module 1 ENC1102

Discussion 1 Read: "Topics and Approaches to the Arcane Essay" in the Resources folder. Choose one of the capacity provided for you, or email the assistant for approval of an alternating topic. Prompt: 1. Post a alive admission for the activity you chose. 2. Write a abrupt few sentences answer why you chose this topic. Topics/ approaches (Focus on alone one of the following, admitting some may overlap): Analyze one of the accessory characters, such as Petrus. Example: Analyze not alone the called characters' personality but additionally what role they played in advancing the all-embracing activity of the novel. The protagonist's conflict, the hurdles to be overcome, and how he resolves it. Examples: It could be achievement for change, both in South Africa and in David Lurie. OR: the abasement David Lurie has suffered over the activity with a apprentice and how that matches the abasement South Africa has suffered through apartheid. The activity of ambience to reinforce activity and characterization. Example: Post-apartheid South Africa is a ambience arguably added important than annihilation abroad in the novel. Your alfresco sources would be a bit of history apropos apartheid. The use of arcane accessories to acquaint theme: imagery, metaphor, symbolism, foreshadowing, irony. Symbolism in the novel-- Examples: Determine if David Lurie represents the old, white authorities of South Africa, while Lucy represents the new white bodies of South Africa. OR: Analyze what dogs betoken in this story. Another example: What is adumbrated by the opera David Lurie is autograph on Byron? Careful assay of one or added axial scenes and its/their acute role in artifice development, resolution of conflict, and account of the theme. Example: Analyze one or added scenes in which achievement that change for the bigger is accessible through a character's anguish and consecutive action, for example, the arena in which David Lurie apologizes to the parents OR the arena in which Lucy gets raped. Discussion 2 Purpose of this Discussion: To advice adapt you to accommodate analysis into your paper, and to admission the Library Databases to acquisition adequate critical, peer-reviewed sources and acclaim the sources accurately aural your text.  Read: "How to Admission Miami Dade Databases" in your Module 3 Resources folder. Another armpit to acquisition what you charge is Google Scholar, but too generally admission to those accessories crave payment. Do not use apparent Google. The Miami Dade Databases is your best source. Contact a advertence librarian at one of the campuses if you are accepting agitation logging on. Wolfson Campus library blast number: 305-237-3144 Find Two Articles: In the Library Databases acquisition two articles, one apropos Abasement by J. M. Coetzee and one apropos ageism or South African history. Prompt: 1. Write a few sentences or a paragraph, amalgam a quote, paraphrase, or arbitrary from either of the articles. 2. Document your branch with either a arresting byword or a parenthetical in-text citation. Example of a arresting phrase:  "According to Joe Doe, from Liberal Arts University…"  If it is from a book source, add the folio cardinal in parentheses. Web sources crave no folio number. When the author's name is not mentioned in the paragraph's arresting phrase, add it in parentheses, as in the afterward example: Archetype of an in-text citation:  (Coetzee 102). Your MLA Resources binder additionally has advice and a sample paper.    Discussion 3  Prompt: After account the atypical Abasement and again the New York Times commodity "Out of South Africa," accede which ancillary you'll booty in the altercation surrounding this author. Although he does not acquaint us Melanie's race, after in the atypical the advocate calls her "the aphotic one." Is J. M. Coetzee's atypical added about ability struggles or the tensions amid races? 

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