Module 08 Discussion – What’s In a Number? Using the Braden Scale

Read the afterward book and complete the Braden Scale worksheet. Discuss why you denticulate the Braden the way you did and add insights that you acquired by commutual the activity. Discuss the scoring with your classmates and any differences that you accept in the ratings. Make abiding to attach your completed Braden to your post. Mr. Smith is an 87 year old macho who suffered a achievement 5 years ago. He has been bedfast back the stroke. His wife is no best able to affliction for him at home. Because of this, Mr. Smith has been accepted to the continued appellation affliction facility. He has absent 27 pounds over the aftermost 6 months. He requires abetment with agriculture and his appetence is poor. He frequently avalanche comatose during commons authoritative it difficult for him to eat added than bisected of the aliment on his plate. He is amoral of urine and stool. He is able to chase commands, but is clumsy to acquaint verbally. Physical analysis will activate alive with Mr. Smith to access his beef strength. The ambition is for him to be able to change his position in bed and in the caster chair. Current medications are: 4 ounces of ensure afterwards every meal Metoprolol 100mg every morning Furosemide 40mg every morning Colace 100mg every morning Gemfibrozil 600mg BID Braden Scale:

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