Module 05 Course Project – Business Report Presentation

  The cold of this week's deliverable is to accommodate Robert M. Lopez with a business address presentation of your findings. Use the adapted spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 04 for this deliverable. Your address should visually identify: Outliers Sales consultants trending appear noncompliance Using the excel spreadsheet as input, actualize a beheld representation of the data. Use the beheld representation of the abstracts in a 2-3 accelerate PowerPoint of your findings. Submit your completed assignments to the bead box below. Please analysis the Course Calendar for specific due dates. Save your slides as a Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt). The name of the files should be your aboriginal antecedent and aftermost name, followed by an accentuate and the name of the assignment, and an accentuate and the date. An archetype is apparent below: Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504 Attach is my antecedent adapted spreadsheet with my adviser reviews and grade! Please apprehend it first!  I charge to accept a bigger grade! Thanks and I acknowledge :)

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