Module 02 Course Project – Situation Analysis

  For appearance II of your business plan, you will advance a Bearings Analysis. The Bearings Analysis follows the Executive Arbitrary and table of capacity in the business plan. This will be the aboriginal area of the plan. The purpose of the Bearings Analysis is for the banker to appraise the bearings and the bazaar in which the aggregation competes. The Bearings Analysis contains accomplishments advice on trends, competitors, bazaar needs, ambition markets, and products. The Bearings Analysis is an all-embracing report, as it contains abundant elements. Your Bearings Analysis begins with a Bazaar Summary, followed by a SWOT Analysis, Competitive Review, and Artefact Review. Complete your Bearings Analysis by accouterment 1-2 paragraphs accoutrement anniversary of the afterward areas: Target Markets: Accommodate advice on your ambition market. Who will you be targeting and why? What are the demographics for your ambition market? What geographic areas are you targeting and why? Market Needs: What are the bazaar needs? What unmet charge will your artefact or account meet? How will your artefact account your customers? Market Trends and Growth: Are there any bazaar trends that you will be capitalizing on? Altercate Online and Internet bazaar trends and how you will advantage them? Has there been any advance in the market? Please accommodate specifics. SWOT Analysis: List the key artefact strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Competitive Review: Identify key competitors, call their position in the market, and briefly altercate their strategies. Product Review: Altercate the capital appearance and allowances of your product. Here is my aboriginal Executive arbitrary to go off of below

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