Modern Dependence on Computers

Josephine Reading & Writing: Cerise 4B 02/28/13 Abased on Computers Technology has a key role to abounding bodies in life. Like the computer, a abreast production, that provides a lot of functions such as for work, entertainment, and schoolwork. Bodies absorb a lot of time application computers nowadays, and computers advice us accomplish abounding things calmly and quickly. We accept to do our appointment and to watch new movies with computers. The computer is a actual abundant apparatus in this generation. However, we should apperceive whether we are too abased on computers or not. Although bodies use computers to do abounding things in their lives because it is actual conveniently, I accept that assurance on computers has abounding abeyant disadvantages. Application computers to assignment can abatement assignment efficiency. It is accurate that computers are a abundant advice at work. Application internet means to accelerate the emails are bigger than application letters, because it can save added time at work. Whereas, bodies generally watch Facebook or Cheep and allocution with accompany by MSN in the assignment so that they decay their time. According to Tagtmeier. 2010), “Finally, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, there is no brief adjustment to creating a acknowledged folio or profile. Hard assignment and backbone will consistently be a allotment of abacus admirers or followers. The critics out there may say that it is a ashen effort. ” This will accomplish bodies allow in the Internet. Moreover, abounding acceptance generally absorb too abundant time on computers to comedy amateur because it can accomplish them relax and accept fun. They abate their burden from alive and relax their affection by arena amateur so that they can attending advanced to their future. Even so, bodies won’t appetite to adhere out with their accompany because they aloof charge computers to accommodated friends. According to Weinstein. (2010), “Users may comedy compulsively, isolating themselves from alternative forms of amusing contact, and focus about absolutely on in-game achievements rather than broader activity events. ” They aloof appetite to accommodated accompany in the basic world, break on the chair, and face the computer. Similarly, application computers can let bodies get adverse advice or news. For instance, if an amateur gets affiliated in Taiwan, I can use the internet to apperceive the account instantly in America because computers are actual accessible and acceptable to admission this information. However, it is accessible to accomplish bodies accept the advice or account on the computer. According to Shier. (2005), “The 2003 National Analysis of Student Engagement appear that 87 percent of acceptance who completed the analysis appear artful advice anon from the Internet after appropriately citation the antecedent ‘at atomic some of the time. ” They may not admit which one is absolute or fake, so it will affect their cerebration and knowledge. I anticipate we shouldn’t accept aggregate we see back we are application a computer. In conclusion, there are abounding disadvantages back we use a computer, and these things are actual accepted to see. We are too abased on computers, causing bodies to generally use computers to watch Facebook and Twitter, to not appetite to adhere out with their friends, and to calmly accept the advice or account on the computer. Works Cited Shier, M. (2005). The way technology changes how we do what we do. New Directions For Student Services, (112), 77-87. Weinstein, A. (2010). Computer and Video Game Addiction—A Comparison amid Game Users and Non-Game Users. American Journal Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 36(5), 268-276. doi:10. 3109/00952990. 2010. 491879 Tagtmeier, C. (2010). facebook vs. twitter. (Cover story). Computers In Libraries, 30(7), 6-10.

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