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need a catechism for a quiz answered in 1 hour .... A start-up administrator abbreviate on resources, but continued on adeptness and vision, sees an befalling afore others.  He establishes the bazaar with first-mover advantages and sales activate to abound and the chump abject increases rapidly - too fast for the administrator to accumulate up (few resources).   Entry barriers are low, and switching costs are absolutely high, accordingly acceleration in capturing the growing chump abject is acute to locking in echo business.  However, speed-to-market is absolutely expensive.  The bazaar appears to accept able advance and accumulation abeyant for an able aggregation able to accumulate costs down, which will be acute to abiding advantage accustomed the aerial anchored costs of the operation.   The administrator has actual little assembly capacity, no aggregation recognition, and a calm accumulation alternation with aerial costs. The axiological cardinal catechism is, should the administrator advance (take out added debt to access bulb accommodation and economies of scale); avert (keep assets at the aforementioned level), or retreat (sell off back the assured ample aggregation approaches them with a buyout offer.)    1) Analyze the entrepreneur's assumption (10 points)  2) Analyze the market's valence (10 points)  3) From your analyses, acclaim a cardinal ability accommodation - ADRA (5 points).

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