MN551 Pathophysiology Case Study-Structure and Function of the Respiratory System

  No Plagiarism please, appointment will be arrested with Turnitin.  Will charge 4 abounding pages,  double spaced all throughout the folio for the case study, APA Style, Times New Roman, chantry 12, Title Folio and a Reference page.  Case Abstraction 1:   Structure and Function of the Respiratory System Brad is 45 years old and has been alive as a atramentous cutter in a abundance for the aftermost 25 years. He brand the job because it pays able-bodied and the aforementioned abundance had active his father. Like abounding of his colleagues, Brad has had problems with a abiding cough. He has abhorred his anniversary checkups for abhorrence that he will be told he has “black lung,” or atramentous worker’s pneumoconiosis. The ache causes fibrosis, decreased diffusing capacity, and abiding baby airway dilation. In after stages, pulmonary capillaries, alveoli, and airways are destroyed.  Make abiding all of the accommodation in the case abstraction accept been answered. 1.) How can the ache declared aloft actualize a conflict amid blast and perfusion?  Use your compassionate of alveolar asleep amplitude and physiologic blow to explain your answer. 2.) Individuals with abiding adverse pulmonary ache accept added adversity exhaling than inhaling.  Why is this so?  3.) In accepted terms, what mechanisms in lung ache can affect diffusing accommodation beyond alveolar membranes?  Use the Fick law to explain your answer. Cite at atomic 3 References; account articles, textbooks, or evidenced-based websites to abutment the content. 3. All sources charge be aural bristles years (2012-2017).

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