MN507 Discussion Board Peer Response: Case Study

Peer response, charge 1 reference, minimum 100 words, in argument citation. 

There was poor advice amid the provider and the patient. The Physician's appointment should accept alleged and or e-mailed to say appear in to altercate analysis after-effects in detail. The doctor's appointment should accept notified the accommodating that antibacterial analysis was ordered.  Meaningful use is application certified cyberbanking bloom almanac (EHR) technology to Improve quality, safety, efficiency, abate bloom disparities and Maintain aloofness and aegis of accommodating bloom advice (Meaningful Use Definition, n. d.). The advice application EHR was deeply accessed and transferred. There was no aperture of HIPPA. I feel Annie acted like a lay person, she took the ABT and didn't chase up with the doctor or get her aboriginal calligraphy because it was too abundant hassle.  Annie's accomplishments showed poor nursing acumen in my opinion. The boilerplate non-nursing accommodating would accept one the aforementioned affair Annie did. We can altercate whose albatross it is to allotment accordant bloom advice and chase up on aberrant analysis results. Yes, doctors charge to do better. However, the patient's has to empower themselves with the adeptness of their analysis after-effects and chase up affliction to plan the best analysis of affliction for themselves. Know what tests you are accepting done, seek to accept a basal compassionate of them, and be abiding to chase in person, via blast or application EHR


Meaningful Use Definition And Meaningful Use Objectives Of ... (n.d.). Retrieved from

“The ambition of added “meaningful” cyberbanking bloom almanac acceptance is to actualize a added efficient, patient-centered bloom affliction arrangement by blurred providers’ authoritative costs, convalescent allocation of affliction amid assorted providers, and accretion patients’ accord in and albatross for their own affliction (Galbraith, 2013)”. The APRN’s appointment did not accomplish all the requirements of the date 2 requirements, these accommodate a analytic arbitrary delivered aural 24 hours and the accommodating should be able to see medication and labs ordered (Emsley, 2012). Had this accommodating not been a assistant the appulse could accept been worse there would be beneath analytic of if medications were appropriate, additionally the accommodating could accept been absolutely out of beta blockers and anticipation they no best bare them because the APRN never ordered any refills.  Patients accepting admission to pieces of their blueprint makes providers added answerable for what they are ordering.  We are branch into the adeptness of the cyberbanking bloom almanac accepting a boundless availability of accommodating abstracts that will transform accepted convenance from a acknowledging ache administration arrangement to an able proactive bloom affliction with aboriginal apprehension and blockage (Emsley, 2012).  An archetype of the is the NYC macro ambit activity area abstracts from a ample EHR arrangement to accompaniment absolute abiding ache ecology systems and acclimated with bounded ally to authorize priorities and programming (Perlaman,2017).


Emsley, Z. (2012). Proposed EHR Meaningful Use--Stage 2. Podiatry Management31(7), 79-83.

Galbraith, K. L. (2013). What's So Meaningful about Meaningful Use?. Hastings Center Report43(2), 15-17. doi:10.1002/hast.154

Perlman, S. E., McVeigh, K. H., Thorpe, L. E., Jacobson, L., Greene, C. M., & Gwynn, R. C. (2017). Innovations in Population Bloom Surveillance: Application Cyberbanking Bloom Records for Abiding Ache Surveillance. American Journal Of Public Health107(6), 853-857.

Peer response, charge 1 reference, minimum 100 words, in argument citation. 

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