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Apa Format, No Grammer errors, No Plagiarism  Unit 1 - Discussion Board 2  Unit:   Marketing Management Fundamentals Due Date:   Tue,11/20/18 Deliverable Length:   2 Parts: See below. Product Marketing Select a aggregation from this Web site: Choose 1 artefact from this aggregation that you plan to bazaar throughout this session. Primary Task Response: Write 400–500 words that acknowledge to the afterward questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.  Be absolute and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. **Briefly call and altercate your called artefact with your colleagues. Think about how the artefact that you called uses the business mix of the 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—to differentiate or angle out amid its competitors in the marketplace. **Discuss the afterward points: 1)What 1 or 2 business P (product, price, place, promotion) differentiators do you see based on your artefact against its competitors in its industry? 2)Suggest 1 way to advance on authoritative this artefact angle out amid its competitors.

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