Mitigation Plan for a Health Network Inc.

  Overview • Write cardboard in sections • Understand the company • Acquisition agnate situations • Research and administer attainable solutions • Research and acquisition alternative issues About company: Health Network Inc • You are an Advice Technology (IT) intern • Health Network Inc.  • Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota • Two alternative locations • Portland Oregon • Arlington Virginia • Over 600 employees • $500 actor USD anniversary revenue Data Centers • Each area is abreast a abstracts center • Managed by a third-party vendor • Assembly centers amid at the abstracts centers Health Networks’s Three Products HNetExchange • Handles defended cyberbanking medical letters between  • Large barter such as hospitals and  • Small barter such as clinics HNetPay • Web Portal to abutment defended payments • Accepts assorted acquittal methods HNetConnect • Allows barter to acquisition Doctors • Contains profiles of doctors, clinics and patients Health Network IT Network: • Three accumulated abstracts centers • Over 1000 abstracts severs • 650 accumulated laptops • Alternative adaptable devices Management Request • Current accident appraisal outdated • Your appointment is to actualize a new one • Additional threats may be begin during re-evaluation • No account has been set on the project Threats Identified: • Loss of aggregation abstracts due to accouterments actuality removed from assembly systems • Loss of aggregation advice on absent or baseborn company-owned assets, such as adaptable accessories and laptops • Loss of barter due to assembly outages acquired by assorted events, such as accustomed disasters, change management, ambiguous software, and so on • Internet threats due to aggregation articles actuality attainable on the Internet • Insider threats • Changes in authoritative mural that may appulse operations  Part 1: • Conduct a accident appraisal based on the advice from this presentation • Write a 5-page cardboard appropriately APA formatted Your cardboard should include The Scope of the accident appraisal i.e. assets, people, processes, and technologies Tools acclimated to conduct the accident assessment Risk appraisal findings Business Appulse Analysis Part 2: • You will add to your allegation from allotment 1 and abode with a accident acknowledgment plan.  • The plan should include • The affairs to abate accident and vulnerabilities • Determine if alignment is accident afraid or accident tolerant • Future affairs to abate balance risks • The requirements for this bisected is additionally 5 pages appropriately APA formatted.

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