mission and vision

\r\n Interview a nursing baton in your alignment or in a able nursing ambience about how s/he angle the appulse of the organization’s mission and goals on nursing practice. What does this baton see as abeyant opportunities and threats to the nursing profession, and what role does s/he anticipate the alignment arena accompanying to these abeyant opportunities and threats?\r\n Write a arbitrary of the acknowledgment from the baton you interviewed, which includes your own reflections on this perspective.\r\n\r\n My Hospital Pledge\r\nWe agreement to accommodate your bloom affliction in an atmosphere of compassionate and compassion.\r\nWe agreement to acknowledge bound to your needs and concerns, to acknowledgment your questions and to account your address and privacy.\r\nWe agreement to accommodate you with technologically avant-garde advanced bloom care.\r\nWe agreement to serve you alimental and alluringly able meals, while afterward your specific medical needs.\r\nWe agreement to accommodate your affliction in an ambiance that is safe, apple-pie and pleasant.\r\nOur Vision: Mather Hospital will become the best association hospital in New York State.\r\n

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