Mission Advance Briefing

Background: Wife and two boyhood macho accouchement of Fortune 100 U.S. association CEO, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, will be vacationing in Lima, Peru with his wife's sister. Arena biking in Atlanta will be by active chauffeur. The wife and accouchement will use accountant clandestine aircraft for air biking from Atlanta to Lima and return. A appointed stop is slated for Miami International Airport, Miami, FL, breadth the even will refuel, and they will be abutting by the wife's sister. The sister suffers from asthma. Further, she is bound in the bulk of arduous walking she can do at one time. Arena biking in Lima and Nazca will be by 2 action account rental cars. The wife has adumbrated she would like a bounded touring aggregation to advance a 2-day sightseeing cruise from her, her sister, and accouchement on day 2 and 3. The circadian tours will be about 4 hours anniversary day. The accumulation will be blockage in an absolute bank resort hotel. Anniversary affiliate of accumulation will accept a clandestine allowance at both hotels The Lima auberge has a aegis manager. Accumulation will RON at Nazca auberge on night 4. Nazca auberge has no committed aegis operation and relies on bounded Nazca badge belt for security. Itinerary:  Mission to abide of 5 days, 4 nights Day 1: Clandestine Air biking to Lima International Airport, Lima, Peru; arena biking to hotel, Lima, Peru and RON; commons w/hotel allowance account or auberge restaurant. Day 2: Bounded Lima breadth touring; bank time; RON at Lima hotel; commons TBD Day 3: Bounded Lima breadth touring; bank time; RON at Lima hotel; commons TBD Day 4: Day cruise to Nazca to appearance "Nazca Lines" (6 1/2 hours south of Lima/448km) and RON at Nazca breadth 4-star hotel; commons TBD; accumulation with bout adviser to biking from Auberge helipad, Lima to Nazca Municipal Airport by accountant helicopter. Day 5: Accountant helicopter biking from Nazca Municipal Airport to Lima International Airport; clandestine jet to Miami, FL for refuel and acquittal of sister; clandestine jet continues on to Atlanta, GA; arena biking to residence. Known Intelligence:  Sister speaks Spanish fluently, accepting served as a missionary in Peru 10 years ago. Known Medical Concerns:  Sister has medical restrictions and bound ability back walking/hiking. As an asthmatic, sister is appropriate to accept short-acting bronchodilators, such as albuterol, to advice accessible the airway to accommodate concise relief, inhaled corticosteroids, and long-acting bronchodilators accessible at all times. She will charge a humidifier or aerosol accessible in her auberge room. Known Threat: None. Wife, sister, and accouchement are not about accepted to media as they advance a low-profile. Protection aggregation roles: Event Advance and Medical Detail Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of a Mission Advance Briefing for the book provided. Note the afterward requirements:  Create 5 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which the aggregation affiliate will altercate specific areas of affair for their assigned area. The Detail Leader will abridge the aggregation member's slides into one adamant Mission Advance Briefing presentation, and additionally adapt a arbitrary accelerate that addresses the following: A agenda account the student's names and role affected for this assignment The cardinal of aegis specialists appropriate for the mission Any appropriate requirements, skills, training, or accessories needed Format your appointment according to APA guidelines.

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