“Missing Social Capital and Broken Family Bonding by Forced Migration through the Climatic/Environmental Disaster in Bangladesh” related issues.

Research angle should be best 1200 words and needs aural 3 days. Anatomy should be

1. Analysis Topic/Title:
2. analysis background
3, Aims/objectives
4. Analysis question
5 Literature Review (Please Highlight Gaps in Literature and Be Critical, Very Minimal)5. Methodology (Both qualitative and quantitative adjustment additionally I accept a acreage analysis in Bangladesh. Questionnaire (survey) for migrated bodies and their ancestors members, account accordant stakeholders, FGD, Case study)
6. Expected outcomes/ significant/ rationale

Some of the credibility applicant beatific me, 
research background

 (for biographer bigger compassionate I gave actuality a few clues:

In Bangladeshi amusing and ancestors culture, the attitude they abide and like to alive with collective family. Peoples like to alive with their parents, alternative ancestors members. But now abnormally ecology affected/ migrated bodies larboard their parents/brother/sister to drift burghal breadth alone accustomed their own ancestors (like wife and children) to survive. In this book ambiance and socio-economic condition, ancestors bindings are burst now and then. Alike men who are the basic assets earner of the ancestors they larboard their wife and accouchement afterwards notice.

Any adversity or amusing botheration in Bangladeshi peoples (Neighbour, relatives) faces together. They advice with anniversary alternative afterwards any self-benefit. Father, brother, sister/family associates alike neighbour can booty accomplished responsibility/alimony to attending afterwards their poor ancestors or neighbours. It was the best admirable afterimage of Bangladeshi amusing ability or best adorableness in amusing capital. These beauties we are accident now. Now abounding families migrated to altered places abnormally burghal areas by acute adversity and they cannot advice anniversary other. Bangladesh loses endless amusing capital.

Simon, amuse do acceptable actuality as this is aloof the start, if this is accepted, we would be allowance applicant with the accomplished project, I apperceive you don't like big projects but I can accredit after again to addition abroad but for now, amuse I appetite you to do this assignment in a best accomplished manner. Aloof chase the anatomy etc and being he has beatific us.

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