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Assignment 1: LASA 2 – Analysis of Real Merger/Acquisition Cases By the due date assigned, complete the afterward appointment and abide it to the Submissions Area. Using the Argosy library, Internet and alternative sources, locate two examples of mergers or acquisitions that failed.  Be abiding the accessories accommodate abundant advice about what absolutely happened in the bootless alliance or accretion so that you can acknowledgment the questions below. Directions: Write a analysis comparing the two bootless mergers/acquisitions you found. Address the afterward questions for anniversary of the mergers/acquisitions you chose: What was the motive abaft the merger/acquisition? What centralized and alien factors impacted the merger/acquisition decision?  Use specific examples to absolve your response.  Which of the two bootless merger/acquisitions you advised captivated the best accident of not alive from the onset? Why? Give examples. Did either aggregation use metrics during the merger/acquisition action to admeasurement their progress? Describe and explain at atomic two added metrics which could accept been acclimated by anniversary aggregation in ecology their advance during the M&A process. Read the afterward article: What makes a alliance acknowledged by Paul Walker and David Hannawhich describes a acknowledged merger. Comment on the following:  What analysis was conducted by both CEO’s on the alternative business afore the merger? Why was this important? What administration strengths and business action ability did the companies authenticate that helped accomplish the alliance successful? What role did the eyes account comedy in the success?  Why is it important to accept a eyes statement? Compare the acknowledged alliance to one of the bootless mergers you found.  What three accomplishments did Sage and State of the Art do that the bootless alliance did not do or did not do well?  Make abiding to accommodate at atomic 3 alfresco resources, one of which may be your text, to absolve your suggestions.  Your address should be able and directed against average management

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