Misdiagnosing and Overprescribing Adhd Medications

Attention Arrears Hyperactivity Ataxia (ADHD) is a ataxia that millions of accouchement above America are actuality diagnosed with and put on drugs for. Actuality the best accepted adolescence ataxia in the United States and about the apple there are millions of accouchement demography consciousness-expanding drugs to amusement ADHD. With so abounding altitude that imitate ADHD and so abounding risks and ancillary affects; are doctors misdiagnosing and over prescribing unbecessary medication to children?According to National Institute of Mental Bloom [NIMH] (2006), it is estimated that 3-5% of accouchement in the U. S. accept ADHD; that is about 2 Actor academy age-old children. This allotment does not accommodate the adults that accept been diagnosed. Although it has been about for such a continued time; advisers still do not apperceive absolutely what causes ADHD. With so abounding accouchement actuality diagnosed with ADHD it is a bit alarming to apperceive that not alike scientists, doctors, or advisers apperceive what the exact account is.There are no medical tests that prove it to be a disease; it is a acoustic disorder. Dr. Fred A. Baughman, a adolescent neurologist who has been in convenance for over 35 years letters that the ADHD catching has developed from the bags in 1985 to over 6 actor today. Psychiatrists accept calm a account of the best accepted accident of misbehaviors that parents and agents accuse about the best in accouchement and after cerebration alert labeled them a ache (2001). Are accouchement not accustomed to be accouchement anymore?Many of the so alleged ADHD affection are aloof accouchement behaving like accouchement or a adolescent attractive for attention. Dr. Baughman states “The absolute country, including all 5-7 actor with the ADHD analysis today, accept been bamboozled and victimized; beggared of their abreast accord rights and drugged--for profit” (Baughman, 2001)! The Biologic and Chemical Evaluation Section of Biologic Enforcement Administration declared that back 1990 the use of analeptic drugs accustomed to accouchement in the U. S. has not tripled it has quintupled.No alternative nation comes abutting to U. S. use of Ritalin (2006). What absolutely does benumbed for accumulation mean? Well, this is area it gets interesting. What abounding parents do not apperceive is that schools accept $400 a year for every adolescent labeled with ADHD, or that Doctors get paid by the biologic companies for every ADHD analeptic decree that is filled. Back a adolescent is diagnosed with ADHD they are placed on a consciousness-expanding biologic additionally accepted as a stimulant. This analeptic is acclimated to ascendancy the affection of ADHD.Examples of these stimulants are Adderall, Focalin, Dexedrine, Methilyn and Ritalin amidst others. Abounding parents ability be told by their child’s academy that their adolescent shows signs of ADHD. Schools will alike accredit the adolescent to a specific doctor area the parents can go and accept the adolescent evaluated. The academy will accord the parents a letter and alike the child’s advance addendum area it may accompaniment that the adolescent shows bisected if not all the affection declared in the ADHD analysis list. Back the adolescent is labeled ADHD and placed on these drugs they are now advised mentally disabled.People may ask why the chat labeled is actuality acclimated somewhat than diagnosed. The chat labeled is acclimated because back addition is diagnosed with a sickness, ache or a ataxia such as affection disease, leukemia, cancer, academician bump alike diabetic; there are tests that are performed afore that actuality is diagnosed. Academic analysis such a claret work, sternal tap, Biopsy or alternative testing should be done afore a analysis is given. With ADHD there is no academic test, nothing, that can be done by any Doctor to formally analyze ADHD.How can a doctor analyze anyone after any official testing? After able testing and able diagnosing it is aloof advised a label. The better obstacle today is there are abounding alternative problems that accept the aforementioned affection of ADHD. Abounding parents achieve for ADHD as a analysis afore demography a afterpiece attending at alternative things. There are over 50 altitude that can actor ADD/ADHD such as hypoglycemia, allergies, advance levels, adulteration exposure, abiogenetic defects, calumniating home, biologic or booze corruption in the home, depression, and all-overs amidst others. Maybe the adolescent is calling out for attention; maybe the adolescent needs advice and does not apperceive how to accurate it. Why are parents, agents and bloom professionals acceptance our accouchement to be benumbed is above my understanding. Studies appearance that amid 70 and 80% of accouchement on ADHD stimulants appearance advance in behavior, academically and socially (Rabiner, n. d. ). The botheration is that after the able research, no one knows how continued the improvements last. The advance can be long-term, or it can be short-term. The allowances of these stimulants may be a acceptable assurance for some but the capital catechism is if it helps 70-80% of accouchement what happens with the alternative 20-30 percent? Do we aloof about-face our backs on them and let them be? What abounding parents do not apprehend is that back their adolescent is labeled as accepting ADHD they are labeled as actuality mentally ill. Back labeled mentally ill the adolescent is no best looked at as a accustomed child. Currently there is no bloom or animal account alignment that focuses alone on ADHD.This causes a botheration for everyone, because until we apperceive what absolutely causes ADHD and how able-bodied these medications work; we may be affliction our children.References Baughman, F. A. (2001). Absorption arrears hyperactivity ataxia (Exposing the Fraud of ADD and ADHD). Retrieved January 31, 2010, from http://www. adhdfraud. org Biologic Enforcement Administration United States Department of Justice (Dec 10-12, 2006). The Hazards of Treating attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder" with Methylphenidate (Ritalin). Retrieved January 31, 2010 from http://www. ikos. org/deareport. htm National Institute of Mental Bloom (2006). Absorption Arrears Hyperactivity Ataxia (NIH Publication, No. 3572). Washington, DC: U. S. Government Printing Office. Retrieved January 31, 2010, from The National Institute of Mental Bloom (NIMH) Web Site: http://www. nimh. nih. gov/publicat/adhd. cfm#intro (Rabiner D N. D ADHD Medications Ritalin and Strattera)Rabiner , D. (n. d. ). ADHD Medications Ritalin and Strattera. Retrieved January 31,2010, from ADHD NEWS Web Site: http://www. adhdnews. com/adhd-medication. htm

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