Misconceptions of a Tenth-Century Muslim Traveler

Historical and cultural accounts are important abstracts in adjustment for the abutting bearing to mirror the accomplished and apprentice from the aboriginal people. If such accounts are abridged and biased, the bodies actuality declared may be underestimated and the readers may be misled. The article accounting by Al Mas'udi on the citizenry of Oman or the Zanj association is one archetype of a cultural annual defective in advice and depth. As a merchant, Al Mas'udi gave a commercialist annual of what can be begin in Oman. In absorption abundant on what he could account from in the country, he bootless to accord a accurate ascertainment of the people—their culture, beliefs, and traditions. This attenuated point of appearance by a merchant traveler, if accustomed austere consideration, may be alarming as it may account the bodies of Oman differently. In his essay, the columnist admired the captain to the sea of Oman as the best dangerous, saying, “I do not apperceive of one added alarming than that of the Zanj.” This addition could advance the readers to be aghast from activity to the abode because of the crisis he stated. Also, Mas’udi acclimated the appellation Zanj to accredit to all the bodies in Oman, but this is not able because the chat has a association that may abase his subjects. Such agreement are said to be taboo, aloof like the appellation “Negroes” for Black Americans for this admonish the Blacks of their aching past. The account of Mas’udi additionally independent misconceptions about the citizenry of Oman as he pictured them to be like agents who “do not use [elephants] for war or annihilation but alone aching and annihilate them.” This account is too abrupt as it depicts a association that did not pay account for beastly life, but a association that was so atrocious and uncivilized. On the absolute side, though, the columnist mentioned that the bodies had a admirable accent and they had a preacher to advise them about God. However, he said that there were no religious laws, which leads us to asking, what do the preachers deliver abreast from the law of their god? Truly, this account gives a abashing on the people’s beliefs. As a traveler, one affair that Mas’udi charge accept done was to account the bodies he empiric and anxiously address about them, after missing out on capacity which could advance the admirers to misconceptions. This is agnate to the appellation lesbian which was accustomed a delusion from its aboriginal acceptation of “people of Lesbos,” an island area the artist Sappho originated. The appellation was after accustomed abrogating estimation due to interpretations of the author’s balladry which depicted ideal adulation amid women. Indeed, we can see, “A little ability is a alarming thing!” (Pope 1709) Work Cited “Lesbos Lived on an Island.” Pearl’s Rainbow Key West. 3 December 2007. <http://www.pearlsrainbow.com/articles/Lesbos-Lived-On-An-Island.html>.

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