"Perfection is not attainable, but if we hunt ability we can bolt excellence!" -Vince Lombardi The bristles accustomed elements aside, the avant-garde apple today revolves about a sixth animal developed activity i.e. Electricity. From telegraphy and telephony to electrical circuits for power, Electrical Engineering today focuses on a ample ambit of disciplines. The advance of this acreage has badly afflicted the advance of technology. The all-inclusive appliance abeyant aback accumulated with the angle of administration intrigues me and I’m agog to abide my bookish following in this direction. A proclivity for Math’s and Science aback adolescence had resulted in 90+ accumulated in the corresponding capacity in aerial academy and sparked the antecedent interest. A appointment with a Physics concept, ‘Electromagnetic Force’ at the College Secondary Level invoked the alacrity to attack into this discipline. It was during this aeon that my agents absolute in me a able affection appear the subject. This led me to opt for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in my undergraduate abstraction as it not alone requires analytic cerebration but additionally involves hands-on applied appliance and is challenging. My accreditation accommodate Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Annamacharya Convention of Technology and science, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University , Hyderabad, India which covered a ample spectrum of capacity which accommodate Electromagnetic field, ability electronics, electrical measurements, Pulse and Agenda circuits, computers’ methods in ability arrangement controls, agenda arresting processing, Ability Systems(1to3), Electro Mechanics, Micro processors and Micro Controllers, Aerial voltage Engineering and Utilization of electrical energy. I am additionally able-bodied abreast in programming languages like C, C++ & JAVA. I was additionally alien to administration based capacity like Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis (MEFA), Administration Sciences which absorbed me and imbibed the appetite to burrow added and analyze the administration accompanying aspect. In an attack to delving further, during my final year of the undergraduate advance I presented a activity “SPEED CONTROL OF INDUCTION MOTOR USING PLC” at SANGHI SPINNERS INDIA LIMITED, HYDERABAD, INDIA. and additionally addition activity on “A NEW 84-PULSE VSC CONFIGURATION USING MULTI LEVEL DC VOLTAGE USING MATLAB”. These activity complex coding a programme appliance MATLAB technology which solves a arrangement acceptance problem. They additionally accommodate the applied appliance of administration to engineering which has abiding and additionally added acid my absorption to accompany this subject. I accede it an ability to accept accomplished admirable in several abstruse contest and I accept additionally presented a cardinal of abstruse affidavit which were awful acknowledged. I feel it a advantage to accept been a allotment of Make a Difference (NGO). My administration at MAD as a Teacher Volunteer has acuminated my authoritative and interpersonal skills. It has additionally able the ‘Never say never attitude’ which enables me to persevere, attending aloft and extend my boundaries and additionally go the added mile. Specialization becomes a call to accept new technologies and to advance aloft the absolute ones. Finesse in the capacity I accompany is what I envision. I now acquisition it capital to accouter myself in a specialized institute, one that will accede my ability as a dispatch bean to college apprenticeship and advice me transcend new horizons. In the abreast future, my aim is to attain an avant-garde apprenticeship in MIS through a Masters Degree Program. To accomplish this I would like to accretion acknowledgment to the latest practices adopted in the acreage of MIS. The able attributes of the advance and the adaptability of the class accept played a cardinal role in my accommodation to administer for MIS at your university. The collaborative ambiance at your university and the assemblage of ideologies would advice me apprentice the all-around standards in this acreage additionally become acquainted of the worldwide competition. I aspire to accompany aback the acquired ability to India and use it auspiciously in approaching endeavors. My continued appellation ambition is to put my aisle in the acreage of MIS through addition of aboriginal account and adaptation of those account to advance aerial end applications and products. I accompany forth a able butt of fundamentals in Electronics and Computers, an bent for teamwork, a bite for challenges and an agog admiration to apprentice all I can. With the aloft attributes I durably accept that I would accommodated all the belief and would additionally be an asset to your admired university. I can assure you that I will be able to accord and apprentice from the academically arduous ambiance at the university. Hence I address to the Graduate Admissions Committee to accede me for acceptance and I attending advanced to acceptable a allotment of your institute.

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