Minitab assignment4

The action includes three questions: Question 1 Using the abstracts in the arbiter dataset, analyze the accord of the accessible assurance expenditures to canton average domiciliary assets level.  Actualize a scatterplot and call what you see. Question 2 Create a new capricious that categorizes average domiciliary assets akin into three groups - low, medium, high. Actualize at atomic one graphical affectation assuming accessible assurance expenditures by the three categories of average domiciliary income. Call how accessible assurance amount varies by the average domiciliary assets categories. Question 3 Test the antecedent that the accessible assurance expenditures alter by canton average domiciliary assets level. State the assay and absent hypotheses. To assay the hypothesis, would you use a chi-square assay or t-test? Justify your choice. Perform the adapted statistical procedure. Based on the analysis, would you adios your absent hypothesis? What affirmation did you use to accomplish your decision? Your address charge include: Details of the calculations for any variables that you bare to create. You charge appearance the blueprint you used. For Catechism 3, what is the p-value? Do you adios or abort to reject? Interpret the after-effects in the ambience of the problem. Detailed answers to all questions. Your address should accommodate the Minitab achievement and estimation of the graphical displays and the antecedent testing results. You charge accommodate at atomic two paragraphs for anniversary question, in accession to Minitab output. Anniversary branch charge accommodate at atomic four sentences. Review the Chapter 13 minitab accurate handout and the Chapter 13 Minitab Accurate Video

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