Minitab assignment3

Since the alpha of the decade, 21 counties in North Carolina agreed to use beginning programs for canton abundance programs. As a result, they hoped to abate canton spending. The blow of the counties backward with their old policies, agnate to anniversary alternative and afterward a accompaniment model. Using the datafile, abstracted the abstracts into two groups - those with the beginning behavior and those after (the counties are articular in the capricious in Column 38). This is agnate to the Minitab appointment for Chapter 2. You'll be application C38 as the 'group' variable. Use these abstracts to acknowledgment the afterward questions: 1. How do the variables Human Services Expenditures (C33) and Medicaid eligibles (C15) alter beyond the counties that alternate in the beginning affairs (C38) and those that did not? Are there differences? 2. If there are differences, do you anticipate accommodating in the affairs led to the differences? What abroad ability annual for the differences? If there are no differences, are you surprised? What ability explain the abridgement of differences? 3. Can a researcher generalize from these allegation to alternative states because agnate experiments? Why or why not? 4. What blazon of abstraction ability you acclaim to addition accompaniment absorbed in abbreviation its Human Services or Medicaid expenditures by experimenting with abundance ameliorate at the canton level?   Your address charge include: 1. Address your after-effects for anniversary capricious (Human Services Expenditures and Medicaid eligible) by beginning affairs (C38: yes or no) in a table. See Table 2.1 and Table 2.2 for examples of means to appearance after-effects in a table. You can accommodate Minitab achievement in a table format. 2. Acknowledgment anniversary of the four questions above, at atomic one branch per question.

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