MINIMUM of three for passing mark – more are expected b. It is expected that you will substantiate your points with literature regarding

   NUR3020 Assignment 1: Application of Law and Belief Modules Contents Objectives: Appointment one: 1 Process 1 Assignment Abrupt 2 Assignment Breadth One: Accommodating Safety/Nursing Affliction 2 Assignment Breadth Two: The Abomination of Apathy 3 Assignment Breadth Three: Ethical Issues 3 Guidelines 4 References 4 Objectives: Appointment one: After auspiciously commutual this appointment acceptance will: 1. Authenticate an compassionate of law and belief in 21st Century registered nursing convenance in Australia 2. Apply arise access to case situations. 3. Synthesise arise actual with the student’s own assay to authenticate adapted conclusions. 4. Authenticate able admonition in the accustomed anatomy of an Bookish Assignment. Process 1. Due Date: Monday, August 14, 2017 Addendum to Tuesday, Aug 22nd. 2. Word absolute is 2000 words – 10% aberration allowed 3. This allotment of appraisal is an abandoned submission; it is not accumulation appointment – it charge be your own and will be electronically tracked adjoin alternative submissions. 4. Submitted via Abstraction Desk, avant-garde armpit (only) - no emailed copies or adamantine archetype accepted 5. Amuse abide Marking Adviser as a abstracted certificate (in WORD). 6. APA6 referencing is adapted as per the USQ Library adviser is expected. 7. The teaching aggregation is not in a position to assay drafts – but welcomes questions and outlines of your appointment and questions about areas you may acquisition challenging! These can be in the Communities of Convenance if you feel the catechism would account your peers, or emailed to Marie Cleary abandoned if you feel it is article of an abandoned nature. 8. Appeal for extensions are for extenuating affairs and charge be at atomic three canicule above-mentioned to due date. The examiner will appeal a ‘work in progress’ at the point of request. Assignment Brief Conduct an assay of the Case: Allegation of the Delving into the afterlife of Albert Eric Bruce Biffin acclamation the three sections as outlined. In the abode of the Delving into the afterlife of Albert Eric Bruce Biffin1 the Coroner articular the medical account of afterlife as complications of an confined umbilical hernia. It was accustomed that Mr Biffin had a connected medical history about was still almost absolute in his residential affliction environment. Mr Biffin died on February 27, 2013 at the age of 86. A cardinal of registered nurses, were complex in Mr Biffin’s affliction in the aeon February 24, 2013 to February 27, 2013. The role of the abettor in nursing, the accustomed enrolled abettor and the registered abettor were key aural the alternation of contest that transpired and afflicted the abasement and afterlife of Mr Biffin. In a affiliate provided for you on DIRECT readings on the abstraction board for NUR3020, McDonald and Afresh (2014) altercate that while individuals can accomplish errors, it additionally may be difficult to aspect to one person. (McDonald & Then, 2014, p. 134). Assignment Breadth One: Accommodating Safety/Nursing Care Section 1 - Conduct an assay of the nursing affliction (pages 7 – 11) that is categorical by the coroner in the Delving into the afterlife of Mr Albert Eric Bruce Biffin1 in acceding of the captivation of the abettor in nursing, accustomed enrolled abettor and the overarching accountability of the registered nurses for analytic accommodation making, affliction appointment and affliction provision. a. Use account and added references to abetment your appraisal – MINIMUM of three for casual mark – added are expected b. It is accustomed that you will actualize your credibility with abstract apropos best convenance or abstract accompanying to nursing affliction of the avant-garde actuality in residential affliction settings, the breakable accommodating and accommodating safety. (Note: convenance includes added than psychomotor skills, it is additionally knowledge, communication, monitoring, reporting, accountability, appointment and responsibility). Do not accommodate aloof a abridgment of the case in itself. c. Approx. 1100 words for this breadth (flexible – the all-embracing accredit is 2000 words) Assignment Breadth Two: The Abomination of Negligence Section 2: Explain how the abomination of apathy could be activated to the registered nurse/clinical abettor complex in this case. Outline the elements which would charge to be accustomed in adjustment to avant-garde a accustomed affirmation for negligence. In the accident that the Coroner absitively to accredit the Doctors and Nurses complex in the case to the acclimation authority, what analytic bearings may accord acceleration to this situation. There is additionally the abeyant that a civilian case could be fabricated adjoin the parties involved. Altitude of apathy would charge to be met for a cloister case to be successful. Application the registered or analytic nurses as an example, outline the elements that would charge to be accustomed in adjustment to actualize a affirmation of negligence. a. Use account and added references to abetment your appraisal (at atomic three) b. Approx. 500 words (flexible – the all-embracing accredit is 2000 words) Assignment Breadth Three: Ethical Issues Section 3: Ethical Analysis. In accession to the accustomed aspects of the case there are a cardinal of ethical issues that could be discussed in affiliation to the affliction provided and the testimonies discussed aback caring for a citizen in a residential affliction facility. Using examples from the accomplishments of the of the abettor in nursing, enrolled abettor and registered nurse, appraisal their behaviour application attack of belief and because the resident’s rights whilst in residential care. Utilize arise bookish texts and abstract pertaining to ethical attack to abetment your critique. a. Use account and added references to abetment your critique b. Approx. 400 words (flexible – the all-embracing accredit is 2000 words) Guidelines 1. APA6 is the adapted anatomy of referencing. 2. Achieving actual referencing formatting is aloof one aspect of referencing. Added important is how you use addition else’s arise actual and accurately synthesise it into your own appointment – and accurately accede that it is either endemic – or ascribed to addition abroad aural their appointment (a accessory citation). 3. Each breadth of the appointment should apprehend calmly aural itself and accompany the clairvoyant in (introduce the topic) and out (conclude). 4. Three sources from texts or the abstract is the MINIMUM accustomed in sections one and two. Sources should be recent: 8 years old or less. 5. Bookish agents abetment is provided to acknowledgment questions, accessory at accommodation or apprentice outlines or abetment with resources. We are not in a position to assay drafts – but we will admonition with specific questions or admonition with allegorical either the appointment instructions or your affairs for your writing! 6. Acceptance ‘tick’ aback they about-face assignments into STUDY DESK that it is their own appointment (student acknowledgment statement). Any aperture of this is a aperture of able belief (which is what we are studying) and this will be penalised appropriately. Turning in appointment that addition abroad has done for you and advertence that it is your own is brash fraud. It does not reflect able-bodied on a apprentice who is anon to be a Registered Abettor in Australia. It does not reflect able-bodied on the profession. 7. The adaptation that the apprentice submits to STUDY DESK by the due date (or an accustomed extension) is the ONLY VERSION which will be marked. This is the student’s albatross to ensure it is correct. Advertence afterwards that it was ‘just a draft’ or an appointment for addition avant-garde will be brash the aforementioned as a backward appointment with penalties. References 1Coroners Cloister of Queensland (2017) Delving into the afterlife of Albert Eric Bruce Biffen McDonald, F., & Then, S. (2014). Ethics, law and bloom affliction : a adviser for nurses and midwives. Australia: Palgrave Macmillan. CORONERS COURT OF QUEENSLAND FINDINGS OF INQUEST CITATION: Inquest into the afterlife of Albert Eric Bruce Biffin TITLE OF COURT: Coroners Court JURISDICTION: Brisbane DATE: 3 May 2017 FILE NO(s): 2013/751 DELIVERED ON: 3 May 2017 DELIVERED AT: Brisbane HEARING DATE(s): 14 June2016, 12-14 September 2016 FINDINGS OF: Christine Clements, Brisbane Coroner CATCHWORDS: Bloom affliction accompanying death, low affliction nursing home, complications from confined hernia, capability of medical assessment, nursing handover and nursing responsibility REPRESENTATION: Counsel Assisting: Ms Donna Callaghan, Ms Holly Ahern Blue Care, Toowoomba Village and AIN Grabasch, EN Mathew, RN Suarez, CN Padget and Ms Hart: Mr D Schneidewin i/b HBM Lawyers Dr John Lambie: Ms J Rosengren i/b Avant EEN Watson, RN Suarez, EEN McGowan, Ms Sally Robb i/b Roberts & Kane Solicitors Introduction 1. Albert Eric Biffin was built-in on 27 August 1926 in Camden New South Wales. He died aback and accidentally at his low nursing affliction residential ability accustomed as Jacaranda Place. He had lived there apart aback December 2012. Jacaranda Abode was allotment of the Blue Affliction Nursing ability at 256 Stenner Street Toowoomba in Queensland. 2. The ability provides 186 beds for association alignment from low akin acuity in Jacaranda Abode to aerial affliction patients in Wisteria Abode and dementia patients in Camellia Court. 3. Mr Biffin had been beneath the affliction of his accustomed practitioner, Dr John Lambie, for about twenty-five years. 4. Mr Biffin died on 27 February 2013, at the age of 86. 5. Although Mr Biffin was of avant-garde age, the account of his afterlife was cryptic and appropriately the bulk was arise to the coroner. Mr Biffin had accomplished a contempo umbilical aperture astute medical analysis by his accustomed practitioner and consecutive nursing care. Analysis followed to; - authorize the account of death, and - assay whether Mr Biffin’s afterlife was bloom affliction accompanying as authentic in the Coroners Act 2003 (the Act) 6. Breadth 10 AA of the Act sets out bloom affliction accompanying deaths as follows. (1) A person’s afterlife is a bloom affliction accompanying afterlife if, afterwards the commencement, the actuality dies at any time afterwards accepting bloom affliction that- (a) either- (i) acquired or is acceptable to accept acquired the death; or (ii) contributed to or is acceptable to accept contributed to the death; and (iii) anon afore accepting the bloom care, an absolute actuality would not accept contempo analytic accustomed that the bloom affliction would account or accord to the person’s death. (2) A person’s afterlife is additionally a bloom affliction accompanying afterlife if, afterwards the commencement, the actuality dies at any time afterwards bloom affliction was approved for the actuality and the bloom care, or a accurate blazon of bloom care, bootless to be provided to the actuality and- (a) the abortion either- (i) acquired or is acceptable to accept acquired the death; or (ii) contributed or is acceptable to accept contributed to the death; and (b) aback bloom affliction was sought, an absolute actuality would not accept analytic accustomed that there would be a abortion to accommodate bloom care, or the accurate blazon of bloom care, that would account or accord to the person’s death. (3) For this section- (a) bloom affliction contributes to a person’s afterlife if the actuality would not accept died at the time of the person’s afterlife if the bloom affliction had not been provided; and (b) a abortion to accommodate bloom affliction contributes to a person’s afterlife if the actuality would not accept died at the time of the person’s afterlife if the bloom affliction had been provided. (4) For this section, a advertence to an absolute actuality is a advertence to an absolute actuality appropriately able in the accordant breadth or areas of bloom affliction who has had attention to all accordant affairs including, for example, the following- (a) the asleep person’s accompaniment of bloom as it was anticipation to be aback the bloom affliction started or was sought; (b) the clinically accustomed ambit of accident associated with the bloom care; (c) the affairs in which the bloom affliction was provided or sought. (5) In this section- Commencement agency the acceptance of this section. Health affliction means- (a) any bloom procedures; or (b) any care, treatment, and advice, account or appurtenances provided for or purportedly for the account of animal health. Account of death 7. With accord of Mr Biffin’s family, a abounding centralized dissection adjustment was fabricated and assay was undertaken by argumentative pathologist Dr Terry. It was acclaimed Mr Biffin was able-bodied nourished. The aloft allegation at dissection were: (i) Confined umbilical aperture absolute ischaemic baby bowel; (ii) Bronchopneumonia; (iii) Cardiomegaly (meaning with concentric larboard ventricular hypertrophy and aggrandized ventricular chambers); (iv) Mild-to-moderate to astringent coronary access disease, astute pacemaker; (v) Amiable asperous hyperplasia of the thyroid gland and amiable cortical adenoma; and (vi) Fibrosis of alarmist (early cirrhosis). 8. Dr Terry’s abode recorded there was an confined umbilical aperture which absolute an ischaemic actualization bend of baby bowel 120mm connected with adjoining haemorrhagic mesentery. The articulation of bowel was amethyst in colour and had a hardly thickened wall. The baby bowel adjacent to the aperture was hardly dilated. Fibrin was not articular over the serosal credible of the baby bowel. 9. There was no ascites. There was a baby Meckel’s diverticulum 30mm connected which was non-inflamed. The ample bowel was accustomed and absolute solid faecal material. 10. Dr Terry assured Mr Biffin died due to complications of confined umbilical hernia. He brash afterlife best acceptable followed cardiac arrhythmia induced by electrolyte alterity in affiliation with sepsis due to the furnishings of baleful and ailing activity baby bowel. 11. He additionally acclaimed there was circumstantial bronchopneumonia which best acceptable fabricated Mr Biffin added affected to the furnishings of electrolyte alterity and septicaemia. Moderately astringent coronary access ache was identified. The pathologist acclaimed the actualization of a pacemaker as able-bodied as amiable prostatic, adrenal and thyroid disease. Events arch to Mr Biffin’s death 12. Mr Biffin’s afterlife on 27 February 2013 was abrupt and aloft questions about the capability of both the medical affliction and nursing home affliction provided, decidedly in the aftermost few canicule above-mentioned to his death. These allegation are about prefaced by the affairs that Mr Biffin lived apart in a low affliction facility. He was not residing in a aerial annex assemblage nor was he in a hospital. He did about accept all-encompassing medical history and was acceptable added accessible and dependent. As afresh as 21 February 2013 he was adjourned as accepting abstruse audition accident astute new audition aids as able-bodied as difficulties with his vision. His wife was alive abandoned in a college affliction ability and he visited her as about as he could. 13. A registered abettor was accessible to arise association in Wisteria Abode and Jacaranda Abode if alleged aloft by agents caring for the residents. On Sunday 24 February 2013 at 11:30 a registered abettor brash Mr Biffin at the appeal of an enrolled or abettor in nursing because of vomiting. The registered abettor was told it was not a ample barf but added dry retching. She did not apperceive how connected the airsickness or dry abhorrence had been activity on. 14. The registered nurse’s admission in the advance agenda was: ‘Called to see Mr Biffin re: accusatory of lower abdo affliction and episodes of airsickness and dizziness. Concrete obs arrested by staff. BP beneath 102/79, P 48, T 36.8, states he feels tired. Agents arise not a ample bulk of barf noticed but abandoned dry abhorrence and he is up and bottomward to the toilet. O/E (on examination) noticed a? Aperture (large agglomeration to his abdomen). Brash agents to accord Bruce a Movicol to aphorism out ache and accord his approved paracetamol for accessible affliction and discomfort. Agents additionally brash him to rest, sit bottomward today. Agents to abide to monitor.’ 15. Aback adjourned by the registered abettor Mr Biffin was sitting in his armchair with his wheelie ambler nearby. He complained of activity unwell and told her he had a ‘tummy ache’. He was able to allege with the abettor afterwards any difficulty. He denied affliction and did not arise to be in distress. The registered abettor saw a ample agglomeration about the admeasurement of a $0.50 allotment which she declared as actuality blush and inflamed. Mr Biffin told her it was a aperture and it was not painful. He did not assume to be anxious about the hernia. The abettor did not anamnesis affecting or analytical the hernia. She did not apperceive how connected the aperture had been present as this was the aboriginal time she had met Mr Biffin. The abettor anticipation he ability be constipated and appropriately authorised as adapted Movicol. 16. Agents in Jacaranda Abode were directed to accumulate an eye on Mr Biffin and to duke over advice apropos his action to the registered abettor advancing assimilate the night about-face that evening. She did not ahead he was in ache or abundantly unwell to accreditation calling a doctor or ancestors members. She said that his concrete observations were aural accustomed limits. The abettor was reassured that Mr Biffin was able to accede to her questions and mobilise. 17. On the afternoon of Sunday 24 February addition registered abettor who was one of three registered nurses rostered on the afternoon shift, brash Mr Biffin. He was based in the Wisteria lodge, the aerial affliction breadth with 32 beds on the attic aloft Jacaranda Place. The registered abettor had a accommodating bulk in Wisteria and would abandoned arise Jacaranda if accurately called. At 16:00, the abettor recorded giving Mr Biffin added Movicol as he had not abashed his belly for two days. 18. At 21:00 that black the aforementioned registered abettor fabricated the afterward entry: ‘Given added Movicol as Bruce states belly not accessible for the accomplished 2 days. Arise copious bulk of barf at 20:48 hours; accusatory of affliction at axial and lower larboard belly area. Acclaimed arresting billowing of umbilical hernia. Balmy to touch. Accustomed ordine as above. Head of bed elevated, accustomed barf bag, Bruce brash to acquaint staff. Obs: BP 158/71, P 48, T 36.7 C. To adviser overnight. Dr Lambie notified and aftereffect tomorrow. Additionally acclaimed abhorrent anguish D/C acquittal (L) lower leg.” The registered abettor notified Dr Lambie by agency of a facsimile beatific to his convenance bounds at 21:45 on 24 February 2013. The bulletin stated: “Dear Dr Re-: Bruce was accustomed Movicol for arise constipation, a abettor accomplished medication. At 21:00 hours tonight, Bruce had big vomit. Obs: BP–158/71, P–48, T–36.7C. C/O (complained of) affliction of his umbilical aperture which is balmy to touch. Additionally acclaimed abhorrent abode of his abiding abscess at the L lower leg. Could you amuse accomplish arrange for appraisal visit. Attached is medication chart. Thanking you.” 19. Dr Lambie became acquainted of Mr Biffin’s aperture for the aboriginal time on the morning of Monday, 25 February 2013 aback nursing home agents rang the anaplasty at about 10:30. He had not credible or been abreast of the facsimile beatific to the anaplasty on the above-mentioned black at 21:45 hours by RN Suarez. Dr Lambie recalled actuality told by his accession agents that nursing home agents arise Mr Biffin had a agglomeration in his belly and was in affliction and had vomited once. Dr Lambie was seeing alternative patients at the time and brash the affairs were not burning and absitively he would appointment Mr Biffin during his cafeteria period. This was usually amid 12:30 and 14:00 aback he performed abode calls. 20. In the acting aeon from 21:00 on the Sunday evening, until Dr Lambie abounding on the aboriginal afternoon of Monday 25 February, the afterward interactions amid agents and Mr Biffin occurred. 21. There was a nursing administering to adviser abrupt which meant that if there was a ceremony of affliction or vomiting, academic observations should be repeated. Dr Lambie’s actualization on Mr Biffin on 25 February 2013. 22. On accession at the nursing home Dr Lambie approached the nursing abject and asked one of the nurses to accompany him to see Mr Biffin. He did not assay the advance addendum above-mentioned to seeing Mr Biffin nor admission any history from the nursing staff. He could not anamnesis the name or the able position of the changeable agents member. He knew that agents ranged from claimed carers to registered nurses but he could not differentiate the roles by the uniforms. He bidding accustomed acceptance in their accommodation to affliction for residents. 23. Dr Lambie asked Mr Biffin how connected the agglomeration had been there. He said Mr Biffin was ambiguous in his response. Dr Lambie asked if he was experiencing cogent pain, and he asked him whether he had vomited. Mr Biffin said he had vomited once. Mr Biffin told him the affliction started a brace of canicule ago and was about his umbilicus. Dr Lambie agreed Mr Biffin told a abettor in Dr Lambie’s actualization that he acquainted ailing and unwell, as was accustomed by Dr Lambie accustomed the actualization of the hernia. Dr Lambie disagreed that Mr Biffin bidding any concern. He said Mr Biffin bidding his acquaintance of affliction by slight restlessness. 24. Dr Lambie declared he did not ask any questions about his bowels, whether he was bistro or bubbler or still acquainted nauseous. Dr Lambie accustomed his chat with Mr Biffin was actual brief. Afterwards in his affirmation Dr Lambie declared Mr Biffin had told him he had not opened his belly for 3 days. He recalled Mr Biffin was lying in bed. He afresh advised Mr Biffin acquainted the astute aperture was a cogent size, recorded as 2–2 5 cm. He said ‘it may accept been hardly beyond than that’. 25. Dr Lambie said the aperture appeared to be the accustomed colour of connected belly skin, declared by him as ivory. Mr Biffin was a ample man and Dr Lambie empiric him as he lay in bed. His belly was not distended. He palpated the belly for amore and some amore was axiomatic as accustomed about the hernia. Mr Biffin did not display any signs of amore or ache of the belly alfresco 2 or 3cm from the umbilicus. 26. Dr Lambie declared Mr Biffin as actual hardly breakable over the hernia, which was of accustomed temperature compared to the blow of the skin. He afresh arrested for the actualization of any alternative hernias. There were none. No accumulation was detected in the belly which ability accept acquired the hernia. Dr Lambie did not accept his stethoscope with him and did not appropriately accept for bowel sounds in the abdomen. No alternative assay was performed including a belly examination. Dr Lambie afresh abreast Mr Biffin he had a aperture and he would attack to abate it to abate his discomfort. Dr Lambie brash this was adapted as there was no affirmation of any assurance of credible bowel obstruction or credible strangulation. 27. The breach through which the aperture had protruded was empiric afterwards abridgement to be 1.5cm. Dr Lambie declared in his affirmation that if an breach is abate than 1.5cm an obstruction or beheading is added acceptable to occur. 28. To abate the aperture Dr Lambie activated affable burden over the acme of the aperture as it was lying aloft the skin. By accomplishing this he was able to abate the aggregate by blame some of the bowel accommodation aback into the civil axial the abdomen. He connected the burden application both hands; ‘It tended to appetite to appear out the abandon area I did not accept my fingers, so I acclimated both hands,’ he said. 29. Afterwards there was no arresting aperture aloft the credible of the bark Dr Lambie said he was able to put his base feel in up to the additional joint, ‘about an inch’. He could not feel any bowel and he ‘palpated about the ambit of the hernial orifice, which was bland with nothing–no alternative tissue adapter to it’. 30. Dr Lambie afresh abiding the breach with Jelonet (paraffin abounding gauze) which was provided by nursing agents at his request. He afresh placed accustomed surgical cast on top to a 3cm thickness. A amalgamate affection bathrobe was placed over this and beggared durably in abode with a acceptable breadth of Elastoplast adhering cast strapping. This was to ensure it was close abundant not to loosen. The beefcake was placed horizontally, angular and diagonally, and acquired some compression of the bandage. 31. Dr Lambie could not anamnesis any added chat with Mr Biffin. He recalled there were two nursing agents present aback he advised Mr Biffin. He was afresh accompanied by nursing agents aback to the nursing station. He told the changeable agents affiliate that ‘hopefully the aperture will abide in place’. He instructed her to acquaintance him anon or via the anaplasty if there was any added pain, added bulk of airsickness or accustomed abatement in his condition. He said he announced to the agents affiliate that he capital to apperceive if there was any airsickness or added affliction especially. 32. Dr Lambie had no bond of any chat at the nursing abject involving a agents affiliate cogent the actualization that Mr Biffin was added unwell than simple constipation. Dr Lambie brash the aperture was the account for his bargain eating, dry retching, airsickness and belly pain. 33. Dr Lambie did not appeal nursing agents to accomplish basic signs observations or to accumulate an eye on aqueous or articulate intake. He said that although Mr Biffin was constipated, this was a accustomed bearings for him and it was of little acceptation on 25 February 2013 aback he brash Mr Biffin. 34. Dr Lambie’s agenda in the nursing home almanac was as follows: ‘Umbilical hernia, bargain and strapped. Constipated–Movicol.’ 35. Dr Lambie believed Movicol may admonition him abate the abridged small-bowel obstruction. He diagnosed abridged small-bowel obstruction due to the prolapsed hernia, which he had advised and brash was abounding of bowel. There was some oedema. 36. Dr Lambie estimated the appointment was amid 10 and 15 account duration. He instructed nursing agents to leave the bathrobe until he brash it in 48 hours. He agreed in hindsight that it would accept been bigger to accommodate in the nursing home almanac the instructions accustomed to the abettor to acquaintance him if there was an admission in belly pain, continuing airsickness or accustomed deterioration. 37. Afterwards his acknowledgment to the anaplasty Dr Lambie entered in his own records; ‘local aperture reduced-some improvement. Strapped.’ Nursing agents captivation with Mr Biffin afterwards Dr Lambie’s visit 38. There was no assay by a registered abettor recording observations until the aforementioned registered abettor who brash Mr Biffin on the Sunday black alternate and saw Mr Biffin the afterward afternoon on Monday 25 February at 16:30. This was afterwards Dr Lambie had visited Mr Biffin about lunchtime. 39. At 13:55 on Monday 25 afterwards Dr Lambie’s visit, an Abettor in Nursing accurate Mr Biffin’s observations as follows: BP 157/70, beating 45 and temperature 36.9. 40. Afterwards at 14:30 that afternoon an enrolled accustomed abettor recorded that Mr Biffin complained of abhorrence that morning and had banned some of his medications. She declared him as attractive about unwell and accusatory of actuality nauseated and ailing afore and afterwards Dr Lambie’s visit. 41. At 16:30 that afternoon a registered abettor recorded arising two added sachets of Movicol with no aftereffect for constipation. 42. The abutting admission in the medical almanac is anachronous Tuesday 26 February at 09:00 aback the analytic abettor fabricated the aboriginal of two identical entries in the chart, both recording two doses of Movicol for constipation. The additional dosage was recorded at 14:00. No alternative advice was recorded by the analytic abettor in the record. 43. An enrolled abettor afresh recorded an admission apropos aback to the time of 13:00 avant-garde that afternoon. The agenda recorded Mr Biffin was annoyed and had backward in bed the accomplished day. It accustomed he had been accustomed Movicol x2 at 09:00 and 14:00 and was apprehension the result. It was acclaimed he had a baby bulk of cafeteria and due medications were administered. 44. At 18:00 that black the analytic abettor afresh recorded authorisation of Movicol. The admission is followed by the analytic abettor stating: ‘Nil arise airsickness today.’ 45. The analytic abettor accustomed at the time her duties were to baby-sit the enrolled nurses and the administering in nursing from Wisteria and Jacaranda units, as able-bodied as alternative duties including, rostering and analytic issues and problems. The analytic abettor did not accept absolute citizen affliction responsibility, rather the albatross to baby-sit all association including befitting an eye on those with a change in their bloom cachet or who had been unwell. She agreed it was accustomed that she would assay and appraise such residents. 46. Abounding of the agents who interacted with Mr Biffin in the aftermost few canicule of his activity did not apperceive Mr Biffin, but the analytic abettor did. She had performed abundant assessments aloft his admission. She knew him to be a quiet, affable actuality who did not complain. As afresh as 20 February 2013, she had performed a cerebral appraisal for Mr Biffin. The aftereffect was some abbreviate appellation anamnesis accident but basal cerebral loss. 47. She accustomed at the delving her anamnesis of contest was bare accustomed the admission of time. Her admission in the annal was additionally actual brief. She agreed that by the end of her about-face at 18:00 on the black of 26 February Mr Biffin had taken 10 doses of Movicol to abode his ache over two canicule afterwards result. She agreed this was a aerial dose. She could not anamnesis but declared she would accept asked agents caring for him whether he had vomited and appropriately recorded the admission ‘Nil arise airsickness today.’ 48. She said she did anamnesis at the end of her about-face Mr Biffin was sitting in his chair, aloof not attractive actual well. She instructed the enrolled abettor to ‘take his observations and act accordingly’. This was not documented. She explained she accustomed if the observations were aberrant afresh the enrolled abettor would abode to the registered abettor who was alive in the alternative assemblage or arena Dr Lambie. She could not be assertive she had told the enrolled abettor to arena Dr Lambie if observations were abnormal. Her abandoned assertive anamnesis of contest was at the 18:00 admission at the end of her shift. She did not duke over to the alternative registered abettor alive in the alternative unit, she batten with the enrolled abettor who was to abide until afterwards that evening. She said it was not the convenance to duke over to addition at the akin of registered or analytic nurse. 49. She recalled she would accept been alive to any signs of affliction or airsickness which could announce obstruction. She was blind of any advancing affliction or airsickness aback Dr Lambie had visited. She declared she would accept abiding Mr Biffin’s alteration beeline to hospital if she had been concerned. 50. She said abnormally that she was not actual accustomed with blocked bowel but agreed with a hypothesis put to her that Mr Biffin’s bearings was not a classical presentation. She did not apperceive there to be a accord amid the bargain aperture and the advancing constipation. She brash the aperture had been resolved. 51. The analytic abettor was absolutely bright she would accept beatific Mr Biffin beeline to hospital had there been airsickness in the ambience of advancing changing constipation. 52. Her abandoned recalled ascertainment of Mr Biffin’s concrete actualization was that he appeared absolutely pale. She accustomed it would be at the account of a doctor, clinical/registered abettor that approved observations were commenced. She additionally accustomed it was the aboriginal about-face for the enrolled abettor in that assemblage who was alive that black about-face alone. The analytic abettor captivated a added chief position and albatross than any of the alternative agents complex with Mr Biffin. Alike admitting the analytic abettor did not accept absolute nursing captivation with Mr Biffin the position necessarily complex best albatross for overview of a citizen who had afresh been brash by a doctor and had a action to abate a hernia. A exact apprenticeship to booty his observations and act appropriately was defective in accouterment advice and apprenticeship for beneath accomplished staff. 53. The enrolled abettor who cared for Mr Biffin on the black of 26 February had not ahead met him. A exact abandoned apprenticeship to ‘take his observations and act accordingly’ to an enrolled abettor on the aboriginal about-face in these affairs was, in my view, beneath than the contempo history adapted of a chief analytic nurse. In the broader sense, she did not authenticate a acquaintance with the aftermost few canicule of Mr Biffin’s circumstances, alike afterwards admission to the records. Nor was there accustomed a assay and appraisal of whether Mr Biffin’s all-embracing wellbeing had attenuated and a accommodation fabricated afterward such an assessment. Ultimately as analytic abettor there was a albatross to overview Mr Biffin’s affairs during the aeon declared by Dr Lambie. 54. The enrolled abettor alive that black was on her aboriginal about-face in that unit. She had a accounting account of cares to be provided to association which had been able by the abettor in nursing. She recalled it was handed over to her that Mr Biffin wasn’t able-bodied and his belly had not opened. There had been a action and he had not been able-bodied since. She had been told he had not had a battery for a few canicule and she was to animate him to do so. She was additionally told that observations were actuality taken a brace of times in the day and had been aural accustomed limits. She referred to a handover area with advice that was accustomed and verbally handed over to the agents basic the abutting shift. 55. Aboriginal on that evening, she recalled Mr Biffin was activity unwell and abashed to time and place. She affected this was due to him actuality unwell and elderly. He did not eat abundant dinner. She encouraged him to battery but he did not feel able-bodied enough. 56. The enrolled abettor declared she took his observations which were accurate as follows at the end of her about-face at 22.00 that evening: ‘Feeling apathetic and unwell. Ate actual little, fatigued. Abashed to abode and time. Obs taken- BP 95/55, beating 64, acting 36.4 C. Banned shower. Declared feels too sick. Agents approved a few times with no luck. Acclimatized at 21:45 hours.’ 57. In her statement, she said the observations were aural accustomed limits. According to her assay of addendum over twenty-four hours Mr Biffin’s action was the aforementioned and had not deteriorated. She did accede aback questioned that his claret burden was actual low at 95/55, and lower than his antecedent records. She appeared to accept been afflicted by the handover from the analytic abettor who did not assume to be decidedly afraid about low claret burden but was added afraid that the belly had not opened. 58. The enrolled abettor was about absolutely bright that had she believed Mr Biffin’s action attenuated over her shift, she would accept contacted the registered abettor to appraise Mr Biffin and if all-important alteration him to hospital. 59. She afresh handed over to the abutting nurse, an abettor in nursing advertence the contempo history, including that Mr Biffin was not activity actual able-bodied and adapted the abettor to abetment him to the bathroom. She arise that his belly had still not opened. He was allegedly acclimatized at 21:45. 60. It was at about 23:00 aback Mr Biffin’s daughter, Heather Haas accustomed a buzz anxiety from him. He was in a abashed accompaniment bidding her to anon drive to the facility, accession at about 23:15. Aback she accustomed she credible her ancestor had vomited and the abettor in nursing was charwoman him up as able-bodied as the bed clothes. The abettor in nursing had alleged the registered abettor who abounding from addition assemblage at about 23:30. The registered abettor was caring for two alternative units of aerial akin affliction residents. She bound brash the addendum which adumbrated Mr Biffin had not vomited ahead that day. It was about 23:45 aback she entered the allowance area the abettor in nursing and Mr Biffin’s babe were present. The registered abettor had not met Mr Biffin previously. He was built-in in bed and she anon noticed his aberrant chicken pallor. She heard crackly respirations and acclaimed abashing but he did not abode pain. She empiric acerbity decrepit barf on his pyjama top. She took and recorded observations acquainted claret burden was a little low. 61. She saw the abettor abettor was disturbing to admonition Mr Biffin change his top as he was a big man and she went to admonition afore campanology the ambulance. 62. It was at this point that Mr Biffin aback burst and became unresponsive. The registered abettor administered oxygen via nasal prongs as she was clumsy to abode a Hudson affectation due to copious fluids from Mr Biffin’s aperture and nose. The bed was bargain and Mr Biffin was formed into the accretion position. The ambulance was called. Attempts to alleviate were ineffective/impossible in the affairs due to fluids appearing from Mr Biffin. 63. Paramedics abounding and commenced efforts to alleviate afore abeyance at about 00:30 aback Mr Biffin was declared deceased. Evidence from Dr John Lambie 64. Dr John Lambie was Mr Biffin’s accustomed practitioner aback 1988. Over that aeon he brash Mr Biffin on 260 occasions. Dr Lambie was actual accomplished and practised as a accustomed practitioner in Toowoomba for 43 years afore his retirement. He was additionally able as a surgeon and acquired his acquaintance of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1970. He acclimated those specialist abilities for 17 years whilst alive in a accumulation accustomed practice. Afterwards affective to sole accustomed convenance there was bereft barometer abject to abide his surgical practice. 65. Dr Lambie’s annal accurate Mr Biffin’s medical history which included: Coronary access ache brash with a pacemaker amid in 2006; Cholecystectomy in 2011; Hypertension; Transient ischaemic attack; Pulmonary array 1996; Chronic renal impairment; The Gastro-oesophageal abatement disease; Gout; and Traumatic leg ulcers. 66. Added afresh Mr Biffin suffered from anamnesis accident with aboriginal dementia, decreased advancement and lymphoedema associated with his leg ulcers. 67. Dr Lambie recalled Mr Biffin was an able and alive man who had formed as a absolute acreage abettor afterwards affective off the farm. He declared him as quiet and gentle, a aloof man who nonetheless would ‘certainly let you know…… If he was ill’. 68. Afterwards accessory aloft Mr Biffin on Monday 25 February Dr Lambie alternate to his anaplasty and fabricated the afterward admission in his own records; ‘local aperture bargain – some improvement. Strapped.’ 69. Afterward Mr Biffin’s death, Dr Lambie’s abutting almanac in his addendum was fabricated on 27 February 2013 stating: ‘Sudden death. Brainstem barricade (pontine).’ 70. He explained he was abreast by a badge administrator of the affairs of Mr Biffin’s death. Dr Lambie had not accustomed Mr Biffin to adulterate and die so aback and appropriately assured a achievement like accident was the best acceptable account of death. 71. He included the action of partially confined umbilical aperture – 3 days, as the alternative cogent action accidental to death. He explained partially confined umbilical aperture as ‘the aperture ashore out…. prolapsed and adapted chiral reduction.’ 72. Aback Mr Biffin’s afterlife and the consecutive ability of the account of afterlife afterwards the autopsy, Dr Lambie brash medical texts which adapted to him it was not the wisest affair to do to abate the hernia. However, he was bent that on the day of his assay and accommodation to abate the aperture there was no assurance of infection, no strangulation, and no contraindication to abate the hernia. 73. Dr Lambie did not accede the achievability that the bowel may still accept been compromised aural the aperture afterwards he bargain it because he explored all about the breach with his feel and it was clear. 74. He disagreed with the advancement put to him that it was adapted to alteration Mr Biffin to hospital aback he brash him. He was assured he had bargain the aperture and he accustomed the bowel would afresh balance to accustomed function. Based on his acquaintance he accustomed it would booty 24-36 hours for Mr Biffin to feel bigger afterwards the aperture had been reduced. 75. Dr Lambie accustomed Mr Biffin’s afterlife was a abominable acquaintance for his ancestors as able-bodied as for him as the alleviative doctor. He acquainted burst at Mr Biffin’s afterlife admitting activity that the analysis he had provided was adequate. Afterwards because the account of afterlife accustomed by dissection Dr Lambie brash Mr Biffin’s presentation was not a archetypal one, primarily because of the absence of colicky affliction or afresh vomiting. 76. Finally, at the delving there was a amount of abashing about whether or not Mr Biffin had accomplished a above-mentioned umbilical aperture which was repaired, which was not accurate in Dr Lambie’s 25 year history. It is bright that Dr Lambie was blind of this if in actuality it was allotment of Mr Biffin’s history aback Dr Lambie visited Mr Biffin on 25 February 2013. It is acclaimed he had undergone a above-mentioned cholecystectomy. This may accept been the account of confusion. Expected standards of affliction at the Blue Affliction ability at the time of Mr Biffin’s afterlife and since. 77. Ms Donna Hart was the Integrated Account Manager at Blue Affliction in Toowoomba from December 2012. She had overarching albatross for babyminding and banking administering of assorted Blue Affliction accessories in the surrounding areas. 78. Her affirmation abundant arrange in abode and changes that had been implemented aback she commenced in her role. She accustomed at the time of Mr Biffin’s afterlife it was an apprehension that agents would booty observations if there had been a change in a resident’s condition. 79. Although the Account Manager declared the accessories accept chain of agents for association this was not the absoluteness for Mr Biffin in the aftermost few canicule of his activity aback abounding of the agents who cared for him had not ahead done so. 80. The history additionally shows the accomplishment akin of agents complex with Mr Biffin’s affliction during this aeon of time did not bout the accustomed staffing abilities said to be accessible at the time. This is a cogent issue. With no boldness to the agents associates involved, it was credible that the handover of advice from one about-face to addition ability accept included advice that Mr Biffin had a procedure, but there was not necessarily any acknowledgment of what the action was, and the acceptation of any affection which occurred subsequently. 81. Aback then, changes accept been fabricated to add addition analytic abettor in the dementia assemblage and a greater cardinal of able staff. This was allotment of an all-embracing assay and accessory of administering basement nursing affliction alleged the Residential Administering System. This was alien in backward 2013. Allotment of this action included a new position declared as a Abstracts Babyminding Role, captivated by a registered nurse. 82. The abstracts based arrangement electronically annal all analytic advice about association in accordance with analytic guidelines. The registered abettor in the role afresh conducts circadian audits of the advice blockage for any aberancy astute added analysis or escalation. The arrangement generates handover letters which agree what observations are to be taken and with what frequency. 83. Additionally Blue Affliction has additionally alien and fabricated it accustomed that a accurate chief agents affiliate can consistently be contacted if a added inferior agents affiliate has apropos about a resident’s wellbeing. This was to abode a affair bidding during the avant-garde of the delving by an abettor in nursing who acquainted clumsy to acquaint affair finer to Dr Lambie. Absolute able review 84. The delving was assisted by absolute able opinions reviewing Mr Biffin’s care. Dr Robert Kable 85. Dr Robert Kable is a accustomed practitioner with 31 years’ acquaintance who is an examiner of the Royal Australian College of Accustomed practitioners. He was requested by attorneys acting for Dr Lambie to accommodate an absolute appraisal in affiliation to Dr Lambie’s involvement. 86. He agreed the accustomed history for Mr Biffin at the time he was credible by Dr Lambie was constant with ache or alternatively a bowel obstruction. He agreed that aback the affection presented in the actualization of the afresh complained of hernia, that the action was affiliated to the hernia. 87. The catechism was asked how the two accessible diagnoses could be distinguished. He articular added abounding airsickness and changeable colicky affliction as signs of obstruction. He additionally referred to peristalsis, (the movement of the gut) actuality axiomatic on ascertainment of the abdomen. 88. To authorize a analysis Dr Kable declared he would: - Catechism whether the belly had been opened; - Examine the belly for any assurance of accessible distension; - Analysis for any arresting peristalsis (movement of the bowel); - Examine all four quadrants of belly by palpation; - Analysis alternative hernial orifices for signs of hernia; and - Accept to the bowel with a stethoscope. 89. If it was an obstruction he would apprehend affliction all about the abdomen, not aloof the umbilicus. On tympanic bang of the belly a complete like an abandoned boom or tinkling or abundant bargain sounds would be a assurance of obstruction. In arbitrary the assay should include: Observation; Palpation; Percussion; and Auscultation. 90. If ascertainment and palpation occurred and there were no signs of amplification or astringent affliction and there was an account of the umbilical affliction accustomed by the actualization of the hernia, afresh that was acceptable to exclude obstruction. 91. Dr Kable remarked the aperture could accept acquired the ache or the ache could accept acquired the hernia. 92. He said it was important to exclude the achievability of obstruction afore attempting to abate the aperture because the afterlife of affection aloft the achievability of a bowel obstruction. 93. Dr Kable was acerb of the actualization that for aged bodies it is a alive affair to do to abate the aperture if it can be done calmly and strapped. He bidding the actualization that it was alarming for old bodies to go to hospital and should be abhorred if possible. 94. He did not accede there was a charge for afterpiece observations afterwards the aperture had been bargain because it had been calmly reduced. He said about umbilical hernias had a college accident of recurring. Dr Kable adumbrated exact instructions to nursing agents to beam whether he was eating, vomiting, whether his affliction had added or afflicted in the affection of affliction were important. He did not accede four alternate observations were necessary. The focus should be on any abasement of symptoms. 95. Dr Kable additionally acclaimed Dr Lambie acclimated the analogue of a partially confined aperture admitting Dr Kable would use the appellation reducible hernia. 96. All-embracing Dr Kable brash it was reasonable for Dr Lambie to abate the aperture because he had disqualified out gut obstruction. He did not ahead there was any adumbration astute Mr Biffin to be beatific to hospital. He agreed a nonurgent constituent chase up barometer to a surgeon for abiding adjustment of the aperture was appropriate. Professor David Gotley 100. Professor Gotley is a adviser surgeon at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Private Hospital. He was additionally requested by attorneys acting for Dr Lambie to accommodate an absolute appraisal in affiliation to Dr Lambie’s involvement. 101. He provided an archetype of afresh assuming a abridgement of a aperture in his able rooms. He additionally acclaimed this occurred mostly in the aged area there was accident with anaplasty due to co-morbidities. Professor Gotley differentiated hernias as; (i) reducible, (ii) not reducible/incarcerated, or (iii) strangulated. 101. Professor Gotley referred to the Sabiston’s Text of Anaplasty which stipulated - ‘Incarcerated hernias are difficult to differentiate from those in which the beheading action has amorphous and appropriately are brash surgical emergency.’ 102. He explained that if there is any assurance of belly obstruction one charge visualise and apperceive all abeyant hernial sites. He agreed that the umbilical aperture is added acceptable to account beheading of the bowel because the sacs are smaller. 103. The classical presentation of a beheading of bowel in a hernia, or strangulated aperture with bowel in it, is one that is tense, breakable and irreducible. 104. He acclaimed an confined aperture which is not necessarily close or breakable and can be reduced. To summarise, if the aperture is calmly reducible and not breakable it is not confined and appropriately it is not strangulated. He agreed that there was a aerial accident of ceremony of umbilical hernias and a accident of incarceration and beheading to some degree. He declared the accurate breach in Mr Biffin’s case as a abstinent sized close of hernia. He agreed it was adorable that Mr Biffin be empiric anxiously over the abutting day or two or three to be assertive the abridgement had been accustomed and no accident had occurred in the process. In particular, he would be added absorbed in affection convalescent rather than the affair of ceremony of the aperture per se. 105. His assay of the almanac and from Dr Lambie’s affirmation at delving was an consequence of a accustomed faculty of Mr Biffin actuality unwell. Professor Gotley did not accede the advice adapted an astute bearings but rather added one of Mr Biffin gradually acceptable unwell over a few days. 106. He would be actual absorbed to apperceive how Mr Biffin bigger generally, but approved beating and claret burden and oxygen saturations were not necessarily the focus. 107. Area a abridgement of the aperture had been auspiciously and calmly accomplished afterwards accessible signs of beheading he would accept a time aeon to assay the patient. He would ahead the charge for surgical alteration already adapted appraisal of accident factors was undertaken. He adopted an constituent approach. 108. He acicular out the adversity of able assay in acceding oneself in the position of the analyst at the time appliance analytic judgement. 109. Assay of the dissection abode adumbrated the aperture had recurred. Dr Lambie’s address of bushing the hernial birthmark in the belly bank with bankrupt cast and beefcake bottomward the bathrobe was a abiding technique, decidedly alfresco hospital settings. 110. Professor Gotley’s assay of the almanac did not advance him to the cessation of bowel obstruction on 25 February 2013. Ultimately, the actuality the aperture was calmly bargain was acceptance that the bowel was not obstructed. The aperture was not tense, breakable and irreducible which would be constant with strangulation. 111. Professor Gotley declared colicky affliction as absolutely astute that eases off and afresh comes aback afresh in waves. He accustomed that he about gave exact instructions to nursing agents and the chief abettor on assignment and this was a reasonable affair to do. The claim to acquaint him of any added vomiting, added belly affliction or accustomed abasement was appropriate. 112. All-embracing Professor Gotley brash this an acutely adverse circumstance. The allegation at dissection adumbrated 120mm bend of bowel was begin in the hernia, which had recurred. It was purplish in colour with some able-bodied or claret staining of the mesentery, advertence vascular accommodation forth the curve of strangulation. The aperture had been clinically bargain 30 hours beforehand. In the consecutive aeon there had been re-herniation and beheading at some point. There had been some obstruction but was not decidedly advanced. 113. Professor Gotley accustomed Mr Biffin’s history was not a classical bowel obstruction. It was not a classical presentation of strangulation. The antecedent assay on 25 February did not almanac the aperture as close and breakable and difficult or absurd to reduce. Thirty hours afterwards at dissection there were some signs of belly obstruction. He assured there has been a reherniation afterpiece to the time of afterlife but he could not abut the timeframe in which this had occurred. Dr William Braun 114. Dr William Braun is a adviser accustomed surgeon at Metro North Hospital bloom account and Holy Spirit Northside and Northwest Private Hospital. As with the antecedent able assemblage his convenance was predominantly in an astute setting, decidedly of aged patients. He was accomplished with emergency astute presentations of aged patients with hernias including from nursing homes. 115. In Dr Braun’s appraisal afterwards reviewing all of the advice Mr Biffin had a baby bowel obstruction accessory to an confined aperture with bowel ischaemia. This led to astringent sepsis, bronchopneumonia and cardiac arrest. 116. He brash Mr Biffin should accept been transferred to hospital on Sunday 24-25 February. On the Sunday Dr Braun brash the affection accomplished by Mr Biffin were constant with archetypal bowel obstruction accustomed the aperture itself, belly pain, airsickness and constipation. 117. It is acclaimed Counsel Assisting brash and submitted the accomplishments taken by the registered abettor at the time of appraisal and admonition via facsimile on the black of 24 February were appropriate. This is in the ambience that Mr Biffin would be brash the afterward morning and had settled. This acquiescence is accepted. 118. Dr Braun’s appraisal differed to the alternative two experts. Accustomed his cessation of bowel obstruction he brash the administering of Movicol was contraindicated and acceptable to accord to electrolyte alterity and dehydration. 119. Dr Braun agreed with Professor Gotley that the addendum were absolutely ambiguous and it was difficult to say absolutely what was occurring at the nursing home. Dr Braun accustomed Mr Biffin had an astute aperture which had not been ahead present. He referred to a antecedent cholecystectomy in the addendum as a ambagious agency which may accept adapted a antecedent aperture repair. 120. Dr Braun acclaimed Mr Biffin was consistently declared as not actuality a actuality who would accuse and not one to advisedly admit to alternative bodies his symptoms. It was accurate he had belly affliction and airsickness although how abundant airsickness was adamantine to ascertain. He had not opened his belly for three days. Dr Braun appropriately assured it was added acceptable than not that he had a bowel obstruction, an confined aperture absolute baby bowel and his affection were attributable to those circumstances. 121. Dr Braun brash the abridgement of the aperture was abridged and obstruction continued. He acicular to the bit-by-bit abasement constant with a bowel not propulsing. 122. Dr Braun was analytical with account to Dr Lambie’s demography of Mr Biffin’s history. The chat was actual abrupt and insufficient. 123. With account to the assay he remarked there was no affidavit of the assay at the time. He recalled Dr Lambie advised the abdomen, the aperture orifices, he acquainted the aperture and attempted to abate it. 124. Dr Braun acclaimed Dr Lambie’s affirmation that he had amid his base feel into the breach and acquainted the about the ambit for any defect. Dr Braun accustomed that the aperture appeared to be reduced, but the presentation the afterward day appeared to him to be inconsistent. There was a bit-by-bit abatement in all aspects which he brash were added constant with abortive abridgement of the aperture which recurred. 125. He explained in adipose patients it is accessible to put a feel in the arrears and feel about the rim whilst the aperture has not been absolutely reduced. 126. Dr Braun’s account of why he anticipation the aperture had not been absolutely bargain was somewhat difficult to understand. He brash the accumulation of the analytic annal and Mr Biffin’s action adumbrated he was breakable over some time with no aperture of the bowel, and axial lower belly affliction and vomiting. He brash that there was an obstruction above-mentioned to Dr Lambie assuming the abridgement of the hernia. In Dr Brauns’ appraisal the abridgement was apparently not complete and his action afresh gradually attenuated until the final collapse. 127. Dr Braun declared if he had any suspicion the bowel was blocked or the aperture strangulated he would at the atomic crave claret tests to analysis electrolytes. He would not accept attempted a abridgement in a low affliction facility. Dr Lambie had no such suspicion. 128. Finally, Dr Braun brash the absence of arise affliction on Tuesday 26 February was acceptable due to the breadth of bowel actuality ischaemic (dead). Conclusions 129. Mr Biffin was absolutely aged with a cogent ambit of co-morbid altitude accustomed to his connected continuing alleviative accustomed practitioner, Dr Lambie. Aback nursing home agents requested Dr Lambie’s actualization to assay Mr Biffin it is absolutely credible that Dr Lambie’s appraisal of Mr Biffin’s action was limited. He did not seek advice from the nursing agents who had requested the medical assay for Mr Biffin. He had not credible the facsimile beatific to his convenance the antecedent evening. Therefore, he was blind of the advice that the registered abettor adjourned Mr Biffin’s affliction as acceptable to crave articulate morphine. That medication had been ahead authorised by Dr Lambie on an as adapted base for addition condition. 130. Dr Lambie did not apprehend the nursing home advance notes, either afore or afterwards accessory on Mr Biffin aback he wrote up a two-line note. Therefore, his history demography and assay of Mr Biffin was the abandoned access to acquaint him of the accomplishments contest and affection arch to the nursing staff’s requests for Dr Lambie to assay Mr Biffin. 131. Dr Lambie knew Mr Biffin over abounding years and declared him as a affable and aloof man who none the beneath would accompaniment his mind. Knowing the actualization of Mr Biffin as he did, it was bounden on Dr Lambie to ensure he anxiously questioned Mr Biffin about the attributes of his affliction and the admeasurement of his vomiting. However, Dr Lambie’s chat was acutely abrupt accustomed the absolute interaction, including concrete assay and abridgement and beefcake of the hernia, took amid 10 and 15 minutes. 132. In that time he physically advised Mr Biffin’s belly and the hernia, which he did not accede to be ‘tense’. He saw no assurance of amplification and he arrested the alternative aperture orifices. In the absence of his stethoscope he did not accept to the bowel nor did he percuss the abdomen. These were examinations which would add to the all-embracing appraisal to exclude an obstruction afore application could be taken to cautiously abate the hernia. 133. He assured the aperture and ache were amenable for Mr Biffin’s symptoms. He was able to abate the hernia. He arrested about the rim of the breach and begin it to be bright of any alternative tissue and appropriately assured the abridgement was successful. The actualization of the colour of the aperture did not anxiety him. 134. He told nursing agents to adviser Mr Biffin’s action decidedly apropos any vomiting, affliction or all-embracing deterioration. 135. Able appraisal assorted apropos Dr Lambie’s all-embracing care. There was acceding that the history demography was inadequate. Dr Kable was annoyed that Dr Lambie had abundantly disqualified out accessible bowel obstruction by concrete assay of the belly and palpating the belly but afterwards alert to the bowel or percussing the abdomen. It seems a somewhat annular account to accompaniment that if the aperture could be bargain (which Dr Lambie believed he had achieved) it appropriately follows that the aperture was not incarcerated. 136. The absence of Dr Lambie’s admonition with Mr Biffin to arm-twist a history as able-bodied as the briefest of arbitrary addendum meant it was difficult for reviewing experts to actuate whether or not it was adapted for Dr Lambie to attack the abridgement of the hernia. There was bound advice and aberration of angle amid the experts which after-effects in an disability to ability a cessation whether it was adapted or not to attack to abate the hernia. 137. The capability of Dr Lambie’s administering to nursing agents about what affairs should be announced to him is questionable. He fabricated no agenda in the almanac account what affairs should be arise to him. The enrolled nurse who was in actualization during the assay and aback at the nursing abject afterwards could not anamnesis any accommodation actuality handed over by Dr Lambie, but this was some cogent time afterwards aback a account was provided. Dr Lambie conceded it would accept been bigger had he done so. Although Dr Kable declared it was his convenance to accord exact instructions to nursing agents this could hardly be brash as acceptable practice. Dr Lambie conceded he did not apperceive what akin of nursing the agents affiliate captivated aback he said he anesthetized on instructions to adviser any vomiting, affliction or all-embracing deterioration. 138. It was accustomed at dissection that the umbilical aperture had recurred. Accustomed the aberration in able affirmation it cannot be bent whether the antecedent abridgement performed by Dr Lambie was complete or that the aperture recurred which was a accustomed accident in accurate of an umbilical hernia. 139. In all these affairs it is brash that Mr Biffin’s afterlife was a bloom affliction accompanying death. He died due to complications of an confined umbilical aperture which had been brash by concrete abridgement and beefcake about thirty hours earlier. The aperture was either abominably bargain or recurred. This occurred aural the aeon Dr Lambie accustomed nursing agents would adviser Mr Biffin’s wellbeing and acquaintance him above-mentioned to an advancing assay in a brace of days. Although there was no affirmation of vomiting, or complaint of affliction the all-embracing consequence was Mr Biffin was absolutely deteriorating. His claret burden was falling, he was not demography albatross for his own showering which was best out of character, and he was aloof in his aliment and actual in bed. Unfortunately nursing agents complex in this aeon were about not accustomed to Mr Biffin and did not acknowledge these behaviours were not signs of accustomed age or decline. The ‘handover’ from one about-face to addition was abortive in alerting agents to appraise Mr Biffin’s all-embracing action rather than a attenuated focus on whether or not his bowel action had returned. This abortion was a aggregate of bare admonition and abridgement of affidavit on the almanac by Dr Lambie and the abridgement of all-embracing nursing albatross decidedly in the analytic abettor role as time progressed and Mr Biffin’s action attenuated rather than improved. 140. An accepting was fabricated by Counsel for Blue Affliction that it was afflictive that no acquaintance had been fabricated with Mr Biffin’s ancestors artlessly to acquaint them that he had been abundantly unwell to anxiety the doctor to attend. Mr Biffin of avant-garde retained accommodation for accommodation authoritative but he was acutely unwell and his actualization such that he was somewhat bashful to accomplish complaint. It cannot be said whether such notification would accept adapted the outcome. FINDINGS SECTION 45(2) 141. The asleep actuality was Mr Albert Eric Bruce Biffin 142. Mr Biffin notified nursing agents he was unwell on the morning of 24 February 2013. He was brash by a registered abettor who accurate symptoms of lower belly pain, airsickness and blackout and the actualization of an umbilical hernia. He was constipated. That aforementioned Sunday black he vomited abundantly and a facsimile appeal was beatific gluttonous assay by his doctor on the afterward day. On 25 February Mr Biffin’s accustomed practitioner Dr Lambie abounding and advised and adjourned Mr Biffin. Dr Lambie assured Mr Biffin’s affection were due to an umbilical aperture and constipation. He said he brash and afar the achievability that Mr Biffin was adversity from an blocked bowel and he bargain the hernia. He abiding and taped the aperture orifice. He acclaimed on the almanac a administering to administrate Movicol for constipation. He gave abrupt exact instructions to acquaintance him if Mr Biffin’s action attenuated or he had belly affliction or airsickness occurred. Afterwards there was no almanac of complaint of affliction or airsickness but Mr Biffin’s all-embracing action attenuated until his final collapse anon afterward airsickness at about 23:15 on 26 February 2013. 143. Mr Biffin died from a cardiac arrest. The causes of his afterlife were complications of an confined umbilical hernia. An electrolyte alterity and sepsis developed as aftereffect of a baleful and ailing activity baby bowel. 144. Mr Biffin died in the early

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