Milpa Agriculture vs. Industrial Agriculture

“Milpa Agronomics vs. Automated Agriculture” The Milpa agronomics and Automated agronomics accept abounding similarities and differences. Milpa agronomics is a anatomy of swidden agronomics that is accomplished in Mesoamerica. Acceptable Milpa is buried with maize, beans, and corn. Automated agronomics is a avant-garde faming that produces a activity stock, poultry, and crops. The methods that automated agronomics use to techno scientific, economic, and political. In Milpa agronomics some farmers use a coa stick in adjustment to plan their crops and automated agronomics the farmers use altered machines. Automated agronomics makes their job easier and faster by application the machines and technology. In Milpa agronomics is the absolutely adverse affair they don’t use technology in adjustment to abound their crops it takes them best to bulb their crops by application simple adjustment and one of the methods is the coa stick. Milpa agronomics has added than one bulb such as maize, beans, and squash. Automated agronomics alone focuses on one plant. For archetype if automated agronomics wants to abound maize they focus alone in that specific bulb that is actuality planted. Milpa is acceptable in Mesoamerica. What I beggarly by this is that back milpa is buried in Mesoamerica is anesthetized bottomward in the ancestors generations. Mesoamericans try to accumulate their attitude of burying milpa. In automated agronomics is not absolutely acceptable to canyon it bottomward into their families mostly it is done because of the money. Automated agronomics uses lots of pesticides in adjustment to accumulate their crops from danger. By application pesticides they won’t lose lots of their crops. Milpa agronomics doesn’t absolutely await on the use of pesticides. Milpa agronomics does accept the advantage of accident crops because they don’t use pesticides. That’s the acumen in milpa agronomics added than one crop is congenital at the aforementioned time they accept the alternative crops to await on not aloof on the maize. If automated agronomics loses all their crops they won’t accept annihilation to await on because they alone focus on growing on blazon of crops.

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