Milk and Convenience Store

JOE-NETTE’S PASTILLAS DE LECHE PRODUCT - Food - We get are cast name by the aggregate of our names. The Joe-nette’s Pastillas de Leche, are candied milk candies that are usually served for dessert. They are actual accessible to serve because you don’t charge to baker to accomplish pastillas. What we accept is a no-cook fast and simple ambrosia compound intenden to appease your cravings appropriate away. Also, affable or heating any compound is not necessary. All you accept to do is to mix the capacity calm and there it is, cool candied adorable milk bonbon that you accept for ambrosia in no time. PRICE INGREDIENTS: 3 can of abridged milk (300ML)x (26) = P 78 2 delicate milkx (16) = P 32 ? sugarx (12) = P 12 * 2 Japanese paperx (5) = P 10 5 band paperx (1) = P 5_ P 137 PLACE In the accessible market, because abounding bodies that accept a accessibility abundance go there to buy a accomplished affairs artefact to their stores. It is because the amount of the artefact in the accessible bazaar is lower than the amount if you go in the supermarkets. Our ambition markets are those bodies that accept a accessibility abundance that usually go to accessible bazaar for accomplished selling. PROMOTION We are announcement our artefact by the use of a accomplished selling. For example, back the customer buy accomplished auction of pastillas they will accept a abatement like we can accord him/her 3 packs of pastillas for alone P100, so that the customer will be argue to buy our artefact afresh and we can additionally action them to be a supplier of their accessibility store.

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