Milburn High School Hazing- Argumentative

For the aftermost ten to fifteen years, the aboriginal day of academy at Millburn Aerial Academy has hosted an accident that continues today. Every year, the “popular” seniors accelerate out a “slut list”, bang stickers on student’s backs, draft whistles in faces, and boost acceptance into lockers. The victims of these activities are usually the “popular” admission freshmen. In 2010, the accident acquired media absorption and the administering has done their best to abandon this tradition.The administering at Millburn Aerial Academy will not be able to stop the aboriginal day of academy activities, and, therefore, should not be involved. The bulk of acceptance that participate and the actuality that no one will allege up will accomplish it acutely difficult for anyone to stop this tradition. The best affecting agency is that there are so abounding acceptance that participate. This year there was “…the administering of a ‘slut list,’ including barnyard descriptions of added than 20 freshmen. ” (5) Consequently, for every freshmen complex there is at atomic one chief that is additionally involved. The cardinal of bodies that participate makes it around absurd for any authoritative activity to stop the affairs at Millburn Aerial School. The administering would accept to conduct a huge bunch anniversary year in the chief class. In apropos the “slut list”, “When a kid says, ‘I aloof begin it on the attic and best it up,’ it becomes a little bit messier. ” (2) The adversity of targeting anniversary abandoned who participates should abandoned added abash any authoritative involvement. Furthermore, the actuality that no one is accommodating to allege up causes a austere problem. We batten to at atomic a dozen freshmen and bisected a dozen seniors, and not one actuality capital to absolutely accord any names…none of the 150 adroitness associates appear seeing any hazing incidents this year…” (3) This is actual adamantine to accept because the bulk of acceptance accommodating and the agitation they allegedly cause. It is artlessly not accessible that no one witnessed any array of “hazing”. This could be a aftereffect of abhorrence or they do not ambition to stop the events, forth with freshmen who are alike on the list.How can an administering conduct acceptance if they do not accept any affirmation that they did annihilation wrong? “There’s actual little we can absolutely do if a apprentice doesn’t appear to us and say this is what happened. ” (2) It aloof artlessly is not possible. No abandoned is it an insurmountable assignment to stop the aboriginal day events, but agents should not try to stop the contest in the aboriginal place. A alum herself alike declared “I knew that it was a controllable attitude …while there absolutely is no acumen for seniors to feel the charge to apply their ability over admission students, it is HARMLESS. (6) Therefore, it should not be advised hazing. “There accept been no letters of injuries acute medical attention…” (2) Yet, in abounding alternative aerial schools admission freshmen are physically abused and about humiliated, which should be classified as hazing. A impaired account and actuality shoved into lockers or whistles absolute in faces should not. No, accurate hazing is much, abundant worse. The administering should abandoned be amenable for befitting the contest beneath control; however, not eliminating the attitude all together.In conclusion, the Millburn Aerial Academy “hazing”, which has been accident for ten to fifteen years now, has been absolute way out of proportion. “…they’re demography being and agee it…really it’s all fun. ” (1) The administering of the academy will not be able to stop the contest due to the bulk of bodies complex and the actuality that no one will allege up. They should not try to stop it, aloof ascendancy it. The freshmen of 2010 should be able to abide the attitude back they are the seniors of 2014. It is artlessly a controllable attitude that should aloof be larboard alone.

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