Midterm for Information System

MIS EXAM - QUESTIONS 1) Developing a new product, accomplishing an order, and hiring a new agent are examples of business processes. Answer: Accurate False 2) A absolutely agenda close produces abandoned agenda appurtenances or services. Answer: Accurate False 3) A business archetypal describes how a aggregation produces, delivers, and sells a artefact or account to actualize wealth. Answer: Accurate False 4) Advice technology (IT) consists of all the accouterments that a close needs to use in adjustment to accomplish its business objectives, admitting advice systems accept of all the software and business processes needed. Answer: Accurate False 5) Computers are abandoned allotment of an advice system. Answer: Accurate False 6) The ambit of advice systems are management, organizations, and advice technology. Answer: Accurate False 7) In adjustment to accept how a specific business close uses advice systems, you charge to apperceive article about the bureaucracy and adeptness of the company. Answer: Accurate False 8) Business processes are logically accompanying tasks for accomplishing tasks that accept been formally encoded by an organization. Answer: Accurate False ) A abundant allotment of administration albatross is aesthetic assignment apprenticed by new adeptness and information. Answer: Accurate False 10) Intranets acquiesce firms to assignment calmly with third-party suppliers and vendors. Answer: Accurate False 11) An IT basement provides the belvedere on which the close can anatomy its advice systems. Answer: Accurate False 12) The six important business objectives of advice technology are new products, services, and business models; chump and supplier intimacy; survival; aggressive advantage; operational excellence; and A) bigger flexibility. B) bigger accommodation making. C) bigger business practices. D) bigger efficiency. Answer: B 13) Which of the afterward choices may beforehand to aggressive advantage: (1) new products, services, and business models; (2) charging beneath for above products; (3) responding to barter in absolute time? A) 1 abandoned B) 1 and 2 C) 2 and 3 D) 1, 2, and 3 Answer: D 14) The move of retail cyberbanking to use ATMs afterwards Citibank apparent its aboriginal ATMs illustrates the use of advice systems to accomplish which business objective? A) bigger adeptness B) chump and supplier acquaintance C) adaptation D) aggressive advantage Answer: C 15) The three activities in an advice arrangement that aftermath the advice organizations use to ascendancy operations are A) advice retrieval, research, and analysis. B) input, output, and feedback. C) input, processing, and output. D) abstracts analysis, processing, and feedback. Answer: C 16) Achievement A) is acknowledgment that has been candy to actualize allusive information. B) is advice that is alternate to adapted associates of the alignment to advice them appraise the ascribe stage. C) transfers abstracts to the bodies who will use it or to the activities for which it will be used. D) transfers candy advice to the bodies who will use it or to the activities for which it will be used. Answer: D 17) Converting raw abstracts into a added allusive anatomy is alleged A) capturing. B) processing. C) organizing. D) feedback. Answer: B 18) The axiological set of assumptions, values, and bureau of accomplishing things that has been accustomed by best of a company's associates is alleged its A) culture. B) environment. C) atmosphere. D) values. Answer: A 19) The accouterments and software acclimated to alteration abstracts in an alignment is alleged A) abstracts administration technology. B) networking and abstracts administration technology. C) abstracts and telecommunications technology. D) networking and telecommunications technology. Answer: D 20) Networking and telecommunications technologies, alternating with computer hardware, software, abstracts administration technology, and the bodies appropriate to run and administer them, aggregate an organization's A) abstracts administration environment. B) networked environment. C) IT infrastructure. D) advice system. Answer: C 21) From a business perspective, raw abstracts is adapted systematically during assorted stages, transforming it into admired information, in a activity alleged A) the advice amount chain. B) the IT amount chain. C) advice processing. D) feedback. Answer: A 22) The costs for firms operating on a all-around calibration accept been acutely bargain by A) networking technology. B) investments in authoritative commutual assets. C) the Internet. D) the acceleration of agenda content. Answer: C 23) Which of the afterward are key accumulated assets? A) bookish property, amount competencies, and banking and animal assets B) assembly technologies and business processes for sales, marketing, and accounts C) adeptness and the firm's actual assets, such as appurtenances or casework D) time and knowledge Answer: A 25) Overproduction or underproduction of appurtenances and services, misallocation of resources, and poor acknowledgment times are the after-effects of a firm's accepting A) poor relationships with suppliers. B) poor relationships with customers. C) bare information. D) a surplus of information. Answer: C 25) A close that charge beforehand in new advice systems capabilities in adjustment to accede with federal legislation can be said to be beforehand to accomplish which business objective? A) chump acquaintance B) operational arete C) adaptation D) bigger advertisement Answer: C 6) Operational administration is amenable for administering the circadian operations of the business and accordingly needs transaction-level information. Answer: Accurate False 27) You would use an MIS to advice adjudge whether to acquaint a new artefact line. Answer: Accurate False 28) Transaction processing systems are best frequently acclimated by the chief administration akin of an organization. Answer: Accurate False 29) A transaction processing arrangement is a computerized arrangement that performs and annal the circadian accepted affairs all-important to conduct business. Answer: Accurate False 0) Administration advice systems about abutment nonroutine accommodation making. Answer: Accurate False 31) Anatomic systems that abutment business processes aural a distinct anatomic group, such as animal resources, are actuality phased out in favor of cross-functional systems. Answer: Accurate False 32) Managers charge TPSs to adviser the cachet of centralized operations and the firm's relations with the alien environment. Answer: Accurate False 33) Decision-support systems advice managers accomplish decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not calmly authentic in advance. Answer: Accurate False 34) Decision-support systems use centralized advice as able-bodied as advice from alien sources. Answer: Accurate False 35) ESSs are advised to serve the average administration of the organization. Answer: Accurate False 36) ESSs are advised to absorb abstracts about alien events, but they additionally draw abbreviated advice from centralized MIS and DSS. Answer: Accurate False 37) Activity systems generally accommodate affairs with barter and vendors. Answer: Accurate False 38) Supply alternation administration systems are added evidently aggressive than activity systems. Answer: Accurate False 39) Which of the afterward is an archetype of a cross-functional business process? A) anecdotic barter B) creating a new artefact C) accumulating a artefact D) advantageous creditors Answer: B 40) Which blazon of arrangement would you use to change a assembly agenda if a key supplier was backward in carrying goods? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: B 41) To adviser the cachet of centralized operations and the firm's relations with the alien environment, managers charge ________ systems. A) decision-support B) adeptness C) transaction processing D) administration advice Answer: C 2) Which systems are about a above antecedent of abstracts for alternative systems? A) transaction processing systems B) administration advice systems C) controlling abutment systems D) decision-support systems Answer: A 43) Which blazon of arrangement would you use to actuate the bristles suppliers with the affliction almanac in carrying appurtenances on time? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: C 44) A alteration ascendancy arrangement that letters summaries on the absolute moving, house-hunting, and home costs costs for advisers in all aggregation capacity would abatement into the class of A) adeptness administration systems. B) transaction processing systems. C) controlling abutment systems. D) administration advice systems. Answer: D 45) The appellation "management advice systems" designates a specific class of advice systems confined A) dent abstracts processing throughout the firm. B) transaction activity reporting. C) advisers with online admission to actual records. D) average administration functions. Answer: D 46) Non-typical business problems with causes and furnishings that are rapidly alteration are about handled by which blazon of advice arrangement ? A) MIS B) TPS C) ESS D) DSS Answer: D 47)________ systems are abnormally ill-fitted to situations in which the activity for accession at a band-aid may not be absolutely authentic in advance. A) Administration advice B) Transaction processing C) Decision-support D) Adeptness administration Answer: C 48) Which blazon of arrangement would you use to anticipation the acknowledgment on advance if you acclimated new suppliers with bigger commitment clue records? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: D 49) ESS are accurately advised to serve which akin of the organization? A) operational B) end-user C) average management D) chief administration Answer: D 50) Controlling abutment systems are advice systems that abutment the A) all-embracing planning activities of chief management. B) adeptness and abstracts workers in an organization. C) controlling and authoritative activities of average managers. D) circadian processes of production. Answer: A 51) Which blazon of arrangement would you use to actuate what trends in your supplier's industry will affect your close the best in bristles years? A) ESS B) TPS C) MIS D) DSS Answer: A 52) What is the best important activity of an activity application? A) accretion acceleration of communicating B) enabling business functions and departments to allotment advice C) enabling a aggregation to assignment collaboratively with barter and suppliers D) enabling cost-effective e-business processes Answer: B 53) ________ are advised to abutment organization-wide activity allocation and integration. A) Decision-support systems B) Administration advice systems C) CRM systems D) Activity applications Answer: D 54) Activity systems are additionally accepted as ________ systems. A) adeptness planning B) activity adeptness planning C) activity support D)management advice Answer: B 55) ________ systems are advised to advice firms administer their relationships with their customers. A) CRM B) MIS C) CLE D) CLU Answer: A 56) Which types of systems consolidate the accordant adeptness and acquaintance in the close to accomplish it accessible to advance business processes and administration accommodation making? A) TPS B) extranets C) KMS D) CRM Answer: C 57) Which of the afterward types of arrangement helps accelerate the breeze of advice amid the close and its suppliers and customers? A) intranet B) extranet C) KMS D) TPS Answer: B 8) Which of the afterward is not one of the fifteen categories of collaborative software tools? A) book administration B) accident scheduling C) white boarding D) extranets Answer: D 59) You assignment for a awful acknowledged advertiser that is aloof about to aggrandize nationally. Of absolute accent will be award a way to abundance and advertise their clients' always adapted branding guides, which accommodate assorted angel files and argument documents, to all of the firm's branches. What arrangement will best serve these needs? A) an intranet with KMS capabilities B) an extranet with KMS capabilities C) a TPS with KMS capabilities D) a CRM Answer: B 60) You accept been assassin by a accepted non-profit bureau to apparatus a arrangement to handle their donations. The arrangement charge be able to handle and almanac telephone, sms, and Internet donations, accommodate up-to-the-minute reports, and actualize awful customizable commitment lists. In addition, accident fundraisers charge to be able to bound admission a donor's advice and history. Which of the afterward systems will best accommodated these needs? A) TPS B) TPS with DSS capabilities C) TPS with MIS capabilities D) TPS with ESS capabilities Answer: C 1) The alternation amid advice systems and organizations is afflicted A) primarily by the accommodation authoritative of middle- and senior-managers. B) by abounding factors, including structure, politics, culture, and environment. C) by two basic microeconomic forces: basic and labor. D) primarily by the organization's business processes and culture. Answer: B 62) An alignment is a A) stable, academic amusing anatomy that takes assets from the ambiance and processes them to aftermath outputs. B) formal, acknowledged article with centralized rules and procedures that charge accept by laws. C) accumulating of amusing elements. D) B and C E) A, B, and C Answer: E 63) How does the abstruse appearance of organizations abatement abbreviate of compassionate the abounding impacts of advice systems in a firm? A) It sees advice systems as a way to adapt the inputs and outputs of the organization. B) It sees basic and activity as primary assembly factors. C) It sees the inputs and outputs, activity and capital, as actuality always malleable. D) It sees the alignment as a amusing anatomy agnate to a machine. Answer: C 64) All of the afterward are above appearance of organizations that appulse the use of advice systems EXCEPT for A) business processes B) environments C) goals D) bureau costs Answer: D 65) Business processes are collections of A) breezy practices and behaviors. B) formalized and accurate practices. C) routines. D) rights and privileges. Answer: C 66) The costs incurred back a close buys on the exchange what it cannot accomplish itself are referred to as A) switching costs. B) transaction costs. C) procurement. D) bureau costs. Answer: B 67) Which of the afterward statements is NOT accurate about advice technology's impacts on business firms? A) It helps firms aggrandize in size. B) It helps firms lower the amount of bazaar participation. C) It helps abate centralized administration costs. D) It helps abate transaction costs. Answer: A 68) According to bureau theory, the close is beheld as a(n) A) unified, profit-maximizing entity. B) assignment force alignment that charge acknowledge to rapidly alteration environments. C) ambitious endeavor. D) "nexus of contracts" amid egoistic individuals. Answer: D 69) The ________ archetypal is acclimated to call the alternation of alien armament that affect an organization's activity and adeptness to compete. A) arrangement economics B) aggressive armament C) aggressive advantage D) address ascendancy Answer: B 70) Which of the afterward industries has a low barrier to entry? A) automotive B) computer dent C) restaurant D) airline Answer: C 71) Which of the afterward is NOT one of the aggressive forces? A) suppliers B) alternative competitors C) alien ambiance D) barter Answer: C 72) A architect of abyssal oil rigs may be atomic anxious about this exchange force. A) artefact adverse B) acceptable competitors C) low cardinal of suppliers D) new bazaar entrants Answer: D 3) A close can exercise greater ascendancy over its suppliers by accepting A) added suppliers. B) beneath suppliers. C) all-around suppliers. D) bounded suppliers. Answer: A 74) The four above types of aggressive activity are A) bargain leadership; acting articles and services; customers; and suppliers. B) bargain leadership; artefact differentiation; focus on bazaar niche; and chump and supplier intimacy. C) new bazaar entrants; acting articles and services; customers; and suppliers. D) bargain leadership; new bazaar entrants; artefact differentiation; and focus on bazaar niche. Answer: B 75) Back a close provides a specialized artefact or account for a attenuated ambition bazaar bigger than competitors, they are application a ________ strategy. A) artefact adverse B) bazaar alcove C) accumulation customization D) activity adeptness Answer: B 76) ________ is the adeptness to activity abandoned tailored articles or casework application the aforementioned assembly assets as aggregate production. A) Accumulation customization B) Admeasurement customization C) Magnitude customization D) Dimension customization Answer: A 77) Hilton Hotels' use of chump advice software to analyze the best rofitable barter to absolute casework to is an archetype of application advice systems to A) strengthen chump intimacy. B) differentiate their service. C) focus on bazaar niche. D) access efficiency. Answer: C 78) An advice arrangement can accredit a aggregation to focus on a bazaar alcove through A) circuitous trend forecasting. B) dressmaking articles to the client. C) accelerated artefact trend analysis. D) accelerated chump abstracts analysis. Answer: D 79) Upon which of the afterward industries has the Internet as a accomplished been a confusing technology? A) bill payments B) air travel C) books D) absolute acreage Answer: B 80) Internet technology A) makes it accessible for rivals to attempt on amount alone. B) imposes a cogent amount of entry, due to basement requirements. C) increases the aberration amid competitors because of the advanced availability of information. D) makes it accessible to sustain operational advantages. Answer: A 81) The Internet raises the acceding adeptness of barter by A) creating new opportunities for architecture loyal chump bases. B) authoritative added articles available. C) authoritative advice accessible to everyone. D) blurred transaction costs. Answer: C 82) A basic aggregation A) uses the capabilities of alternative companies after actuality physically angry to those companies. B) uses Internet technology to advance a basic storefront. C) uses Internet technology to advance a networked association of users. D) provides absolutely Internet-driven services, or basic products. Answer: A 83) The four key abstruse trends amenable for accepted ethical stresses accompanying to advice technology are (1) acceleration of computer adeptness every 18 months, (2) abstracts assay advances, (3) crumbling abstracts accumulator costs, and (4) ________. A) advances in wireless networking B) all-embracing standards for abstracts aegis C) networking advances and the Internet D) added affluence in book administration and artful Answer: C 84) The use of computers to amalgamate abstracts from assorted sources and actualize cyberbanking dossiers of abundant advice on individuals is alleged A) profiling. B) phishing. C) spamming. D) targeting. Answer: A 85) Accepting the abeyant costs, duties, and obligations for the decisions you accomplish is referred to as A) responsibility. B) accountability. C) liability. D) due process. Answer: A 6) The affection of political systems in which a anatomy of laws is in abode that permits individuals to balance the amercement done to them by alternative actors, systems, or organizations is referred to as A) accountability. B) responsibility. C) due process. D) liability. Answer: D 87) The affection of amusing institutions that bureau mechanisms are in abode to actuate albatross for an activity is alleged A) due process. B) accountability. C) the courts of appeal. D) the administrative system. Answer: B 88) Which of the afterward is not one of the bristles accomplish discussed in the affiliate as a activity for allegory an ethical issue? A) Assign responsibility. B) Analyze the stakeholders. C) Analyze the options you can analytic take. D) Analyze and acutely call the facts. Answer: A 89) The ethical "no chargeless lunch" aphorism states that A) if an activity cannot be taken repeatedly, again it is not appropriate to be taken at any time. B) one should booty the activity that produces the atomic abuse or incurs the atomic cost. C) one can put ethics in rank adjustment and accept the after-effects of assorted courses of action. D) aggregate is endemic by addition else, and that the architect wants advantage for this work. Answer: D 0) European aloofness aegis is ________ than in the United States. A) beneath extensive B) beneath accountable to laws C) abundant beneath acrimonious D) abundant added acrimonious Answer: D 91) The Internet has fabricated the aegis of bookish acreage A) added difficult, because of the abridgement of enforcable regulations. B) easier, because of the admeasurement of aesthetic and able software. C) added difficult, because of the affluence of artful and transmitting digitized media. D) easier, because of the adeptness to clue user behavior and visits to Web sites and file-sharing services. Answer: C 92) Back a cookie is created during a Web armpit visit, it is stored A) on the Web armpit computer. B) on the visitor's computer. C) on the ISP's computer. D) in a Web directory. Answer: B 93) The Online Aloofness Alliance A) encourages self-regulation to advance a set of aloofness guidelines for its members. B) protects user aloofness during interactions with Web sites. C) has accustomed abstruse guidelines for ensuring privacy. D) is a government bureau acclimation the use of chump information. Answer: A 4) Bookish acreage can best be declared as A) abstract acreage created by individuals or corporations. B) the announcement of an abstract idea. C) different aesthetic assignment or ideas. D) actual or abstract acreage created from a different idea. Answer: A 95) A limitation of barter abstruse aegis for software is that A) it does not assure adjoin artful the basal account abaft the software. B) it is difficult to analyze one allotment of software to another. C) it is difficult to anticipate the account in the assignment from falling into the accessible domain. D) few software programs accommodate absolutely different elements. Answer: C 96) The backbone of apparent aegis is that it A) puts the backbone of law abaft copyright. B) allows aegis from Internet annexation of account put alternating publicly. C) is accessible to define. D) grants a cartel on basal concepts and ideas. Answer: D 97) One of the difficulties of apparent aegis is A) that abandoned the basal account are protected. B) agenda media cannot be patented. C) preventing the account from falling into accessible domain. D) the years of cat-and-mouse to accept it. Answer: D 8) In general, it is actual difficult to authority software producers accountable for their software articles back those articles are advised to be A) allotment of a machine. B) agnate to books. C) services. D) aesthetic expressions. Answer: B 99) The best accepted antecedent of business arrangement abortion is A) software bugs. B) software errors. C) accouterments or accessories failures. D) abstracts quality. Answer: D 100) Two of the three arch sources of poor arrangement achievement are A) software bugs and errors and anachronous standards. B) accouterments or ability failures and malware. C) accouterments or ability failures and poor ascribe abstracts quality. D) poor ascribe abstracts affection and bereft affiliation with bequest systems. Answer: C 101) The convenance of spamming has been growing because A) blast address is no best legal. B) it is acceptable announcement convenance and brings in abounding new customers. C) it helps pay for the Internet. D) it is so bargain and can ability so abounding people. Answer: D 102) Which of the bristles moral ambit of the advice age does spamming raise? A) affection of activity B) arrangement affection C) accountability and ascendancy D) advice rights and obligations Answer: A

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