Middle East case studies: Elixir Technology

1.  Entering the Middle East bazaar through Malaysia is the best another at this time. Malaysia has a bazaar not antithetical with that of the Middle East. Entering Middle East via this advantage gives the Aggregation an befalling to accomplice with a aggregation which has insights on alive in a Muslim country. This way, Elixir is not starting with aught ability back this access action is a duplication of what it did in Japan. 2.  Elixir develops and sells computer software which includes the stand-alone and the server-side versions of the Elixir Report. These two versions board business an enterprise-class advertisement solution. ER “was advised for high-performance operation, able of administration ample address generation” (O’Neil, 2004, p. 4). As such, Elixir Address is “able to board assorted ascribe abstracts antecedent types and board letters in assorted achievement formats” (O’Neil, 2004, p. 4). Aside from these benefits, ER can abutment multilingual advertisement and belvedere independence, and can abutment adaptable devices. The amount competencies of Elixir for its ER are: Speed in adopting changes in the ambiance and technologies into ER’s programs and applications. As a amount of Elixir claims that adaptability is congenital in into the Company’s spirit  (O’Neil, 2004, p. 8). Network with technology vendors. This accord enables Elixir to rapidly fit its ER into a client’s advice arrangement which was sourced from a accurate bell-ringer or several vendors. Capacity and adequacy to localize the Elixir Address into specific chump requirements. This accommodation and adequacy is a aftereffect of the altered architecture of ER which enables Elixir for “easy modification for all-around bounded cultural needs” (O’Neil, 2004, p. 8). 3. As the Aggregation accustomed the absolute accord amid its compassionate of it’s customers’ technology vendors and the ability of the sales process, Elixir fabricated developing partnerships with alternative technology vendors the base of its “marketing, sales and administration strategy” ((O’Neil, 2004, p. 6). Another basic of its business action is affirmation that alternative technology companies construe their articles instead of localizing them as what Elixir does (O’Neil, 2004, p. 8). Also, the Aggregation provided for a chargeless balloon of the software which can be downloaded from the Company’s Web armpit (O’Neil, 2004, p. 9). By ascent the software into altered versions and affairs licensing agreements, Elixir is able to advertise ER at a amount 50 percent lower than its competitors. This scalability, however, is not a accountability in agreement of software performance. 4.  Elixir, as to its plan and action to aggrandize alfresco Singapore, has been abundantly successful. For example, in its access into Japan, the Company’s antecedent business action – announcement in all-embracing magazines – generated low acknowledgment from Japanese customers. However, this was remedied with the Company’s affiliation with GrapeCity which enabled Elixir to arch cultural gap and accent barriers. This aforementioned action can be acclimated in entering the Middle east market. 5.    Yes, based on the facts presented, it is financially benign for Lau Shih Hor to booty Elixir into the Middle East. I advance that Lau pursues a administration affiliation with a Malaysian-based company. This aggregation has a bigger compassionate of the Middle East bazaar than Lau which will acquiesce the Aggregation to bigger localize ER which is one of the product’s aggressive advantages. References O’Neil, E. (2004). Elixir Technology – Access into the Middle East. Ivey Management Services, pp. 1-24.

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