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Unit 2 Assignment: Cloud-Based Administration Book Techniques Outcomes addressed in this activity: Unit Outcomes: Practice basal book administration techniques. Use cloud-based casework to administer files and folders.  Course Outcome: IT133-1: Use the computer operating arrangement and cloud-based casework to set preferences and administer files. GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level advice through the agreement of aboriginal abstracts in Standard English.  Purpose:  Create book and folders in OneDrive. Learn added about administration and accord application cloud-based OneDrive.  Installing Office and Activating OneDrive Assignment Instructions: Step 1: If you do not already accept either Office 2016, or Office 365 installed on your computer, download and install Office 365 from the Student Store. NOTE: If you already accept Office installed on your computer, amuse skip Footfall 1 and move on to Footfall 2.  Two versions of Office 2019 are accessible to you: Office 365 and Office 2019. Each has its advantages. Although this advance focuses accurately on Office 365, you can absolutely use Office 2016 to complete this advance and its associated modules. After you accept auspiciously installed Office 365 on your computer, amuse move on to the abutting footfall in this Assignment. If you already accept Office 2016 or Office 365 installed on your computer, move on to Footfall 2.  Step 2: Activate/Create your OneDrive account Getting to apperceive your new Office 365 subscription, ambience up your OneDrive annual to sync, and managing your Office cable online are the able appearance of billow computing. Managing files and folders on the billow is abundant the aforementioned as you do on your computer. You can calmly actualize folders and files in the billow on your OneDrive. Follow these accomplish to actualize your OneDrive annual if you do not already accept one. Note that OneDrive comes preinstalled on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. OneDrive is not accurate on Windows XP or Linux.  Assignment Instructions Log into Click the Sign-Up button Select Actualize a Microsoft Annual button Fill in the Actualize an Annual form After you accept abounding out the anatomy bang the “Create account” button and that is all there is to it. Now that you accept created your OneDrive account, you are accessible to move assimilate Footfall 3.  Step 3: Ambience up a binder in OneDrive for your chic files You will actualize one binder Name that binder IT133 Take a awning attempt of OneDrive with the binder called IT133 Add one book to the IT133 binder (Example: Unit 2 Assignment, agnate document, or image) Take a screenshot of your OneDrive awning at Place it in a Microsoft Chat Document. The screenshot will accommodate OneDrive > The binder IT133 > The Unit 2 Assignment document Here is an archetype of what it ability attending like. Step 4: Reflection Compose a anecdotal article depicting the action you alone acclimated to ensure accomplish one through three aloft were completed correctly. Application a awful developed angle and purpose, accurate how you accept these steps, decidedly footfall three, will be advantageous to you academically, professionally, or personally. Your Assignment should be accounting application Standard English and should authenticate above organization. Communication should be awful ordered, analytic and unified. Your Assignment should affectation aberrant content, organization, appearance and mechanics. The absorption should accommodate the afterward steps: What did you do to complete Footfall 1? How did you complete Footfall 2 How did you actualize the folder? How did you add the book to the folder? How do you accept that the accomplish abnormally footfall three will be advantageous to you academically, professionally, or personally? Your cardboard charge be at atomic 4 pages in length. Footfall 4 – the Absorption should activate beneath the two awning shots and it should be at atomic one abounding double-spaced page. Here are the cardboard requirements: Include a Cover/Title folio at the alpha of the document A abstracted aftermost folio for the references; the chat “Reference” should be centered and placed at the top of the aftermost folio of the certificate (Reference page) At atomic one (1) folio for the Reflection. The awning shots should be placed on the aboriginal folio in the anatomy of the document. A absolute of at atomic 2 pages for the anatomy of the cardboard (The awning attempt is included in the anatomy of the paper). The completed cardboard will be at atomic of 4 pages (Title page, Advertence page, Screenshot page, Absorption page). Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. or Arial 12 pt. Double agreement is required. Place the awning shots beneath the awning page. Include a Advertence to OneDrive in the References page Choose the “Normal” ambience to add 1” margins to the document. Click on Folio Layout Go to Margins Click on Normal  Additional Resources How to add a Awning Page: On the admit tab, bang Awning Page. Accept a awning folio from the arcade of options. Replace the sample argument with your own text. (For all users)  How to add a Folio Break to actualize a abstracted page: Place the cursor breadth you appetite to alpha the New Folio > Go to the admit tab, accept pages > bang Folio Break... Mac Users: How to admit a Manual Folio Break: Place the cursor breadth you appetite to alpha the New Folio > Go to the admit tab > bang Folio Break...  How to advertence a Website in APA Structure: Aftermost Name, F., (Year Published). Article title. Retrieved from URL. Example: Young, A., (2015). Added on operating systems. Retrieved from How to adduce a antecedent in APA Structure: (Last Name, Year Published). Example: (Young, 2015) The cardboard charge be accounting in your own words. If, you accommodate some actual from the Web, adduce all sources acclimated and accommodate the references on the References page. In your cardboard you charge authenticate ability of this week’s topic(s). Your ambition is to authenticate to your Assistant that you accept this material. For added advice on APA appearance formatting, go to Bookish Writer, aforetime APA Appearance Central, beneath the Bookish Tools breadth of this course. Also analysis the university action on plagiarism. If you accept any questions, amuse acquaintance your professor. Plagiarism Plagiarism is an act of bookish dishonesty. It violates the University Honor Code, and the breach is accountable to antidotal action. You are accepted to be the sole columnist of your work. Use of addition person's assignment or account charge be accompanied by specific citations and references. Whether the action is advised or not, it still constitutes plagiarism. For added advice on University’s Appropriation policy, accredit to the accepted University Catalog.  Step 5: Abide your Assignment to the Dropbox Directions for Submitting Your Assignment Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Chat certificate and save it as IT133_Unit_2_LastName.docx and abide it to the Assignment Dropbox for Unit 2. Review the explanation afore alpha this activity

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