The ‘delay’ action as acclimated in the workshops is bound because it depends on almost timing based on how continued the processor takes to assassinate the ‘NOP’ instruction, and the limitations of the admeasurement of an accumulation agency that the best adjournment will be about 65 seconds. Furthermore, the processor cannot do annihilation abroad while the adjournment is activity on, and any interrupts run during the ‘delay’ will account the adjournment to be best than intended. The Atmel ATmega168 does accommodate the ability to advance added authentic and best timings through the use of the clear oscillator and the timer/counter chip in the processor. Your appointment is to appointment out how to use these apparatus so that programs can be accounting to accurately activate contest afterwards an bulk of time, defined in account and seconds. The arrangement should be able to handle delays from a minimum of 1 additional up to at atomic 60 account afterwards ‘set’. The action should acquiesce for the timer breach to be set (input) in account and seconds. Note: Assume the processor is bureaucracy as in the lab sessions (including clear oscillator acclimated with the abundance defined in Nerdkit Guide). Your band-aid should accommodate the following: 1. All-embracing description of the attempt of operation of your band-aid 2. Description of all timer/counters, registers, and interrupts acclimated and their action 3. Details of all agreement advice to get the processor to accomplish this action (e.g. what needs to be accounting to altered agreement registers, including explanations on WHY accurate $.25 are set or cleared) 4. Description of the all-embracing algorithm(s) to apparatus the action Note: This can be in the anatomy of pseudocode. Cipher bits (lines of code) can be acclimated to authenticate area appropriate. Note: You do NOT accept to address the accomplished affairs for this assignment.

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