Micro Mod 3 SLP

Module 3 - SLP PATHOGENICITY, IMMUNOLOGY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY For this SLP, you will altercate the accent of epidemiology to accessible health. Research one accepted archetype of a ache beginning and how ability of its epidemiology can advice bloom affliction professionals assure bodies from disease. (HINT: The CDC and WHO websites are accomplished sources of advice for this topic). You will present your called ache beginning as a Powerpoint presentation by acclamation the capacity below: The afterward links are accessible guides on application PowerPoint. PowerPoint 101: Everything You Need to Make a Basic Presentation (this ability is abundant for both Mac and PC users): http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/powerpoint-101-everything-you-need-to-make-a-basic-presentation--cms-19541 The Microsoft Office articulation beneath has several tutorials on Powerpoint from how to get started to added techniques for avant-garde users: PowerPoint Links Slide 1: Name and call the bacillus (bacteria or virus) amenable for the outbreak. Briefly acquaint your readers to the history of the ache outbreak. Provide an angel of the adroit abettor (microorganism). Slides 2-3: Where has the beginning been begin globally? Where has it been begin in the United States? Call the specific locations. Provide at atomic one angel of its accepted distribution. Slide 4: How is the adroit abettor transmitted to humans? Slides 5-6: What are the affection of the ache acquired by the microorganism? What does the analytic presentation attending like in afflicted patients? What are the complications? Slide 7: How is it diagnosed? What tests are used? Slides 8-9: How is the ache treated? What bactericide measures are actuality acclimated locally or globally to ascendancy approaching outbreaks? What is the CDC accomplishing to ascendancy the outbreak? Slide 10: Include any added absorbing facts or abstracts about the ache beginning or adroit agent. Slide 11: References.  SLP Assignment Expectations For this SLP Assignment you will advance a PowerPoint presentation that is about 11 slides in breadth and addresses the requirements categorical above. Place the argument absolute the answers to the questions aloft in the accelerate area. Do a Google chase to acquisition images to abutment the abstracts appropriate and/or use images you accept calm from the antecedent modules. Be abiding your aftermost accelerate includes the abounding references for any advice or images acclimated in your presentation. Please see the explanation for a complete description of allocation criteria.

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