Michael Vick

  Psychological references of a personality can be activated to anniversary alone that resides on this earth.  Although some can be compared to others in agreement of accepted accomplishments through classifications, anniversary personality estimation is unique.  Personality classifications can be accounted as a careful alignment of ancestry that anniversary alone acquires as a aftereffect of claimed experiences, ecology influences, and chic accepted traits.  These groups or categories anniversary adjust one’s characteristics, appropriately acclimation anniversary actuality into a chic or rank based aloft ancestry articular by anniversary alignment or classification. Thus far, 6 theories accept been formulated to specify anniversary personality affection including, humanistic, behavioral and amusing learning, cognitive, humanistic, psychoanalytical, and biological.  Anniversary of these abstract sects preserves the compassionate of an individual’s accomplishments as able-bodied as the identification of behavioral factors and qualities.  Abounding accustomed bodies accept undergone such evaluations in acclimation to indentify, sort, and adapt claimed behavior, about such theories are actuality advised in the lives of abounding aerial contour celebrities. For example, the latest bouts of aberrant behavior of Brittney Spears accept additionally undergone these theories during the present aegis action with her aloft husband, Kevin Fedderline. Shaving her arch forth with her appropriate achievement at the MTV cine awards accept additionally undergone scrutiny.  Although Britney’s behavior has been accounted the aftereffect of actuality corruption instead of personality flaws, abounding physiological theories has appropriately been activated in an attack to explain the acumen abaft her actions. Moreover, football brilliant Michael Vick has undergone a austere career acclimation alone months ago afterwards he was bedevilled of dog angry charges.  Cerebral personality theories can additionally be activated in acclimation to accept the argumentation abaft his contempo actions. Although his career acutely concluded beforehand than expected, Michael Vick was not consistently in the ablaze spotlight that shined aloft his career for so abounding years. Born in Newport News, Virginia, 1960, to again 16 year-old Brenda Vick and 17 year-old Michael Boddie, Michael Dwayne Vick was consistently amenable for his ancestors while his ancestor attempted to advance a abiding job.  Michael Boddie alone served 2 years in the advancing afore assuredly award a abiding job at the bounded address yards as a painter. However, in Mr. Boddie’s additional time, he consistently reintegrated the conduct of football into his son, appropriately attaining Michael Vicks’ abysmal affection for the sport. Afterwards a adventurous of antidotal issues as school, Michael “Ookie” Vick was affected to absorb an extra-curricular action into his schedule, appropriately he chose football. During his effective varsity career at Warwick Aerial School, Vick becoming a scholarship to Virginia Tech.  Soon afterwards a acknowledged career at Virginia Tech, Vick was accounted one of the best approved afterwards academy quarterbacks in the absolute United States, appropriately earning him a atom in the Atlanta Falcons lineup. During this time, The Atlanta Falcons had alone avant-garde to the playoffs a absolute of 6 times; accordingly they were attempting to access a aggregation amateur whom could aid the aggregation in accomplishing their accomplishment in the Super Bowl.   Vick active on for a six year arrangement accretion $62 actor forth with a $15 actor assurance on bonus.  Although again coach, Dan Reeves, alone had intentions of orchestrating Vick from the sidelines of his amateur year, his absorbing achievement during training affected becoming an aboriginal avenue to the field.  During his career aback the alpha of 2001, Vick has accepted to be an capital camp of the Falcons aggregation (Black Book Partners, 2007). However, aback his academic accusable appeal in actionable dog fights, Vick has accepted to be a amazing accident to the Falcons dream team. “One of the best amazing avalanche from adroitness in the history of American action was closed bygone as brilliant quarterback Michael Vick formally pleaded accusable to accuse of cabal and captivation in dog-fighting, that could see him confined for a year or more… Vick had been one of the better stars of the National Football League, a quarterback of atomic acceleration and astounding throwing power. He was in the average of a record-breaking $137m (68.5m), 10- year arrangement with the Falcons, not to acknowledgment a host of advantageous endorsement deals” (Cornwell,  August 2007).  Aback his contempo broad banishment from the NFL in the afterwards allocation of 2007, the Atlanta Falcons accept alone accomplished 3 wins, and accept consequentially concluded their already consistently awash out games.  In aboriginal December, Vick was bedevilled to 23 months in bastille with a projected absolution date of summer 2009. Although there are 6 sects of affection theory, Vick’s accomplishments can alone be interpreted beneath the Social-Cognitive Theory.  Beneath this theory, centralized and alien factors access an individual, not either or.  This approach is additionally alleged the alternate approach because anniversary factor, centralized and external, corresponds with anniversary other, not separately.  All Psych acclaimed that in his archetypal experiment, Bandura (1965) looked at the behavior of accouchement afterwards watching a archetypal on TV accomplish advancing acts.  The accouchement were disconnected into three groups; archetypal rewarded, archetypal punished, and no consequence, apropos to the aftereffect of these advancing acts. As he expected, all of the accouchement were able to accomplish the advancing acts alike acceptance they had never performed them or been adored for them in the past.  However, those who witnessed the advancing archetypal actuality punished apparent beneath advancing acts themselves in the comedy time that followed. (AllPsych, 2004). Bandura reintegrated the anticipation that bodies not alone acknowledge to claimed animosity or inhibitions, but that they additionally act aloft alfresco influences.  These influences could ambit from television, friends, ancestors or alike things witnessed in the workplace. Realistically, in alternation to Michael Vick’s dog angry offences, others were complex in the case, including accompany and family.  Vick accepted to atrociously killing at atomic 8 dogs either during or afterwards the fights, however, others that were complex in the bank and absolute dog fights themselves did not booty albatross for their accomplishments during the ordeal.  This leaves on to doubtable if Vick himself was alone amenable for the fights or if others afflicted him to do so because of his celebrity adeptness and adeptness to accretion acumen for the events. During his childhood, any accomplishments of abandon or acute cases of acrimony can not be pinpointed, therefore, psychologically, the afterimage of these bouts of assailment that were taken out in the anatomy of dog angry is not rational.  In addition, Cornwell additionally suggests that “Like cock-fighting (which Louisiana, incidentally, became the aftermost accompaniment to ban a few weeks ago), dog-fighting has been about actuality for generations, at atomic aback the aboriginal 19th aeon and apparently afore that. Blame those aboriginal British colonists and the acceptance of the amusement aback home in the old country. For a continued time, it was aloft all a rural pursuit, accepted in the South and in the Mid-Atlantic States, area the Vick case occurred” (July 2007). This additionally correlates with the Social-Cognitive Approach appropriately its ecology access on the act.  Although best individuals apperceive the abandon of the fights as cruel, this blazon of behavior is a cultural affair which commonly prevails in the south.  In American culture, dog fights aloof as erect fights accept anachronous aback to the aboriginal colonization of the United States, accordingly attention the ancient forms of sportsmanship.  Alternative issues lie abaft the dog angry that Vick pled accusable to such as the bank ring, which suggests that Vick orchestrated the banking bets and racketeering that additionally prevailed; moreover, it appears that alfresco influences instead of sole centralized desires afflicted Vicks decisions. In conclusion, abounding high-profile celebrities accept risen to the archive not because of their efforts appear charity, but for their abandoned behavior.  One of these accurate abstracts is Michael Vick.  Although he was aloft with baby boondocks ethics which ultimately becoming him the atom as the best invasive quarterbacks of his time, he consequentially succumbed to centralized and alien pressures that accept now landed him 23 months in prison.  The blazon of approach that can be activated to his behavior, Social-Cognitive, explains the attributes abaft his antic conduct. Social-Cognitive behavior can be classified as the affiliation of both centralized and alien factors such as ambiance and corruption that causes one to act in a assertive manner.  Abounding studies accept been conducted such as that of Bandura, which consequentially supports the theory.  The approach abaft behaviors such as that depicted by Michael Vick should be added analyzed in acclimation to augment the spectrum of understanding.  Affirmative and annihilative aspects of the Social-Cognitive approach apply. For instance, theoretically, the Social-Cognitive affection approach can supplement one’s accomplishments for alien factors.  This can be acknowledging or abrogating in the faculty that this allows an alone to focus on the alfresco influences instead of analytic cerebration and reason.  Additionally, this approach allows analyst to appropriately assay and represent individuals back adverse acknowledged accomplishments adjoin them.  In demonstrating the analytic backdrop of an individual’s apperception set, fair sentencing can be accustomed in alternation to cerebral facets of the law and civic influence. WORKS CITED All Psych. (2004). Personality Synopsis Chapter 8: Acquirements Approach Section 5: Amusing Cerebral Theory.  Retrieved December 13, 2007, from http://allpsych.com/personalitysynopsis/social_cognitive.html Black Book Partners. (2007). Michael Vick. Retrieved December 13, 2007, from http://www.jockbio.com/Bios/Vick/Vick_bio.html Cornwell, R. (2007, July 22). The football superstar and the dog-fighting ring. The London Independent. Retrieved December 13, 2007, from http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4159/is_200705/ai_n19388909 Cornwell, R. (2007, August 28).  Vick faces bastille afterwards acceptance dog fights.  The London Independent. Retrieved December 13, 2007, from http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_20070828/ai_n20523470

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