MGT150 Week 6 principles of business management

  Principles of Business Management – Week 6 Assignment Organizational Action and Innovation In this appointment you’ll be developing the additional area of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Arbitrary Address that is based about the concepts of authoritative strategy, innovation, and managing change. Now that you accept mapped out how you are planning, organizing, leading, and authoritative your appointment force formation, the abutting footfall of the address is to back how innovation, change, and authoritative action will advice actualize a aggressive advantage with the development of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. The aboriginal footfall of area II is to complete a academic SWOT assay by allocation what you apperceive to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of affective advanced with a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Complete the afterward SWOT Cast by allocation the afterward factors in the adapted row below: Canine Epidemic Large Market of Dog Owners PETA Concerns City Regulations Liability (Dog Bites) Profit Margins Complementary Service Maintenance Upkeep Site Ownership Customer Retention Market Awareness Zoning Environmental Regulations Marketing Costs Weather/Seasonal Concerns Existing Customer Base New Revenue Source Staff Training Experience in Dog Park Business No Existing Dog Parks in Market Staffing Expenses Innovative in Dog Boarding Model Park Construction Cost Unique Service STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS (Download this cast here) Based on what you accept categorized in your SWOT analysis, the additional footfall is to address a arbitrary carrying how addition and change will actualize a aggressive advantage with the development of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Be abiding to accommodate how a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park can or will abutment the position strategies of amount leadership, differentiation, and focus action (see argument Positioning Strategies area 5-4b). You are advancing this arbitrary to be presented at your aboriginal appointment force affair that will adviser the aggregation of its ambition and what abeyant appulse to the Camp Bow Wow operation. (300 words) View your appointment rubric.

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