MGMT 386 project management

I HAVE MOSTLY COMPLETED THIS ASSIGNMENT. WHAT I NEED IS FOR IT TO BE REVIEW, CORRECTED, AND COMPLETED WHERE NECCESSARY. AS IT STANDS ITS ABOUT 90% COMPLETE. KINDLY COMPLETE THE XCEL DOCUMENT AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW ON THE WORD DOCUMENT. Short Acknowledgment Questions [20 points] For the aboriginal alteration activity agitated by Route 11 Potatoes Chips, amuse analyze and briefly call the altered activity stages, based on the advice independent in the commodity “Route 11 Potato Chips finds success as a band in a angrily aggressive market”. [20 points] If Route 11 Potatoes Chips were to abide to grow, briefly call how they will baddest which amplification another is the added acceptable amid the abundant projects that could be done. Project Valuation Problem  [60 points] Mini case:  Route 11 Potatoes Chips has absitively to aggrandize and accessible a new assembly facility.  There are three projects with three altered locations for the factory.  The book Route11.xlsx contains an aggregated arbitrary of the arrival and outflows for anniversary activity over a border of 6 years.  Also, there is a abrupt description of anniversary area including abeyant architecture improvements.  A Multi-Weighted Scoring Cast is additionally provided in the file.  Based on the commodity and in the advice provided in the MS Excel file, amuse acknowledgment the afterward questions: [25 points] Assuming a MARRmarket of 13.5% and an aggrandizement amount of 1.9% over the 6 years, rank anniversary another because the banking belief provided in the cast (use a 1-3 scale, area 1 is the atomic admired alternative). [25 points] Based on the abrupt description of anniversary another and based on the commodity your read, rank anniversary another (and briefly absolve your ranking) because the cardinal and operational belief provided in the cast (use a 1-3 scale, area 1 is the atomic admired alternative).  Which belief are Cardinal (would abutment continued appellation advance of Route 11? Which belief are Operational (would abutment the day to day operations of Route 11)? [10 points] Would your rankings change if the abeyant architecture improvements for anniversary another are implemented?

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