mgmt 311

Over the aftermost brace of weeks, we accept apprehend about accounting and accommodation making. We are activity to administer these concepts to your abstraction from anniversary 2.  Provide a cost/benefit assay for your idea.  Make abiding to acknowledgment any sunk or befalling costs complex in the accomplishing of this action as able-bodied as the abiding access in projected profitability.  You are acceptable to use fabulous numbers as far as costs go, but you should accommodate analysis to abutment any befalling costs or projected profitability. You can acquisition industry averages for assorted affairs costs and projected benefits.   This does not charge to be accounting as a academic analysis paper, but all analysis provided does charge to be cited in APA format.  You may address in the aboriginal being because you are presenting your own ideas.  You do not charge to accommodate an abstract, but you do charge an APA formatted appellation folio and advertence page.  Your cardboard should be a minimum of 2 pages (approx. 700 words) not including the appellation and reference.

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