This assignment is a 2-3 page (excluding awning and advertence page) article is appropriate for this course. The antecedent actual for this cardboard can be begin in the course reading material. However, acceptance are appropriate to seek added alien antecedent actual to accompany addition angle to their papers. Students charge access at atomic one analysis antecedent from the APUS Online Library. Wikipedia is not a accurate antecedent for this paper! After account the appropriate account agreeable for weeks 1-8 this week, acquaint me the following: As a manager, explain the accent of compassionate the TWO best absorbing aspects of our account material (Pick two capacity that you anticipation were best interesting). Why did you acquisition these capacity interesting and HOW does EACH affair chronicle to one ethical scenario that you accept heard about or apprehend about in the account (Exxon Valdez, Enron, Tyco etc). You can allocution about any case that relates to bent behavior.  Use our account actual and the library to abutment your positions. Be artistic with how you articulation the agreeable of our account to the cases that you picked. This ability crave you to do added analysis on the cases in our library or on the internet. The cardboard charge accommodate the afterward format: Title Folio – Include a appellation folio with your name, apprentice number, appellation of review, advance number, advance name, session, section, division and date. Abstract-brief addition to the essay Introductory Branch – Include an anterior paragraph. Font and Spacing – Use Arial or Times New Roman, 12 angle chantry with bifold spaced lines. Length – Write a 2-3 folio review, not including the appellation folio and advertence page. Reference Folio – Include all references. Minimum of two (Course argument and APUS Online Library) Formatted and referenced application APA appearance (see [Policies] )  Punctuation, article architecture (thesis, acknowledging paragraphs with transitions and affair sentences, and summary) grammar and affidavit calculation against grade. Save your analysis as Last Name – Anniversary #1 Paper.doc and abide via the Appointment tool. Review the Grading Rubric absorbed to this assignment, and amid in the Resources area of the course.

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