Mexican Mafia

The assemblage I absitively to do analysis on was the Mexican Mafia. The assemblage originated in the California Department of Corrections in the backward 1950’s, and is advised to be one of the oldest and best able gangs in the absolute United States. Assemblage associates can generally be articular by accepting the cardinal thirteen tattooed on their bodies about or by accepting article akin the number. The acumen abaft application the cardinal thirteen is because it marks the 13th letter of the alphabet, the letter M. The assemblage is able-bodied accepted for the affliction crimes that can be committed while in Prison. Those crimes accommodate extortion, biologic trafficking, and murder. The better citizenry of this assemblage seems to abide in California and Texas while the assemblage is amenable for 10% of San Antonio’s assassination rate. The Mexican Mafia’s Constitution was declared in a 2005 trial. The gang’s sole purpose is to accomplish money by any agency through bent activity. The Constitution basically declared that the Mexican Mafia is a bent alignment that engages in bent action for the account of the Mexikanemi. This includes murder, gambling, biologic dealing, and appealing abundant annihilation imaginable. This assemblage is actual barbarous but yet simple back it comes to abuse for assemblage members, which is about consistently death. The associates of the Mexican Mafia are generally alleged aloft to analysis their adherence to the gang. Usually the analysis will be one of two options of either annexation or murder. The aftereffect for declining to advocate their adherence by commutual this assignment or any assignment for the mafia additionally usually after-effects in death. According the Mexican Mafia’s Constitution associates may be punished or dead if they accomplish any of four simple infractions. These infractions accommodate acceptable an informant, assuming any signs of homosexuality, acts of cowardice, or assuming boldness appear any of the gang’s members.

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