Metropolitan Museam of Art

Rob Murphy Art and Culture Extra Credit My Additional Appointment to the Met 12/10/11 My additional appointment to the Metropolitan Building of Art was appropriately agreeable as the first. On my aboriginal visit, I hovered about the American accession and Egyptian accession mainly. On the contrary, my additional appointment consisted of a cruise to adore the Greek and Roman wing. Wings such as the Egyptian, are big abundant to re-visit, as I was able too. The works I was able to adore on my additional cruise were the “Cleopatra” sculpture, and the apple acclaimed “Perseus with a Arch of Medusa”. The “Cleopatra” carve was absolutely a amazing one. It was carved by William Wetmore Story out of marble; pning eleven years , it was completed in 1869. The Boston bred sculptor’s masterpiece is in Gallery of American painting and carve of the Met. This admirable carve is of the Egyptian queen , built-in in 69 BC. Alike abounding of William Wetmore Story’s sculptures, Cleopatra is sitting bottomward in a chair. The Queen is cutting a continued dress with her larboard breast exposed. She is accessorized with adornment and an Egyptian arch piece. Her facial expressions and anatomy accession suggests she is is in a abysmal accompaniment of thought. Whether absorption on accomplished behavior or advertent approaching actions, the abstracts are cerebration about accomplishments of adverse significance”(Metropolitan Building of Art). This suggests Cleopatra is said to be cerebration of article of abundant significance. The acumen I chose the carve of Cleopatra as one of the works from my additional appointment is because it was understandable, and expresses a bright thought. She is a acclaimed figure, and already I witnessed it , it was agreeable to see article familiar. His carve fabricated of marble is above my acuteness of how accession could complete this. The neoclassical sculptors, “Cleopatra”, were one of William Wetmore Story’s best acclaimed works of art. The additional assignment of art I accepted on my cruise to the Met was “Perseus with the Arch of Medusa”. “Perseus with the Arch of Medusa” is amid in the European Carve and Decorative Arts hall. Italy built-in Antonio Canova carved this carve pning from 1804 to 1806. In accession to the accomplished sculpture, this was additionally carved out of marble. It displays Perseus, who is a allegorical hero who was said to accept defeated assorted ancient monsters; Best conspicuously accepted for the Greek hero who dead Gordon Medusa , as displayed in the sculpture. Medusa was a monster who, back accession would lay eyes aloft her would be transform into stone. After actuality dead by Perseus, Medusa’s arch was acclimated as a weapon by this hero ,and after accustomed as a allowance to his goddess, Athena, as a absorber ornament. This abundantly abundant carve shows Perseus nude , wielding a absorber in one duke and medusas decapitated arch in the other. He is apparent staring at the burst arch of Medusa. Perseus takes pride in annihilation this monster , and holds her arch aerial and ability with pride. The face of Medusa looks unpleasant, and has a defeated expression. The allegorical hero has her by the hair, except , her would be beard is represented by snakes. The acumen I chose to address about this carve is because forth with Cleopatra, Medusa was a accustomed amount to me . In accession , I am additionally absorbed by Greek belief such as Medusa and Perseus. The acute detail of this admirable carve additionally bent my attention. Canova’s detail is remarkable. The actuality that he can abduction facial expressions, thoughts, and anticipated accomplishments in this carve is phenomenal. The Metropolitan Building of Art is an amazing experience. Actuality advantageous abundant to adore it alert is rare. While gawking at aggregate you lay eyes upon, you accept a faculty of disbelief. To anticipate these unparalleled sculptures were duke carved, in canicule of minute technology is above understanding. These two works of art are absolutely amazing and the actuality that they were kept in such bright action is marvelous. The affidavit I chose these two was because, I was accustomed with both characters and I was absorbed to do analysis on them, and apprentice more. In cessation I would acclaim to anyone planning on demography a cruise to this building to appointment these two amazing works of art. Bibliography: http://www. metmuseum. org/collections/search-the-collections? gallerynos=548&ft=* http://www. metmuseum. org/Collections/search-the-collections/20013020? rpp=20&pg=1&ft=cleopatra&pos=5 http://www. framemuseums. org/jsp/fiche_oeuvre. jsp? STNAV=&RUBNAV=&CODE=O115046173127831&LANGUE=1&RH=UsaFRAMEMuseums&OBJET_PROVENANCE=COLLECTION

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