Metrics Paper

   Introduction: · Write a abrupt description of what metrics are.  o Actuality it would be acceptable to accommodate some array of text/source definition.  o It would be acceptable to agenda some big account use of metrics actuality as well.  § This can accommodate addendum including; metrics acquiesce business leaders to accomplish decisions based on abstracts instead of hunches. § Abstracts apprenticed decisions are about added accurate, helps acquisition abrogating trends to actual or absolute trends to exploit, etc.  1- What are the Best Important Metrics For OM · Within this area you will alarm out what metrics you acquisition as the best important.   o What are the metrics? o The big alarm out actuality is that metrics are specific measurements.   § Chump account is not a metric.  · For chump service, a actual accepted metric is boilerplate acceleration of acknowledgment for buzz calls § Planet (if 3p focus) is not a metric.   · For accumulation a actual accepted metric is COGs (cost of appurtenances sold). § Agent empowerment is not a metric.   · For bodies focus, a accepted metric is anniversary agent turnover. o You appetite to alarm out metrics that adviser these types of components.  2-Why are these Metrics the Best Important · Within this area you will booty your aloft list, and alarm why they are important measurement.   o For the ASA alarm out;  § Boilerplate acceleration of acknowledgment is an important chump account metric to advice appearance how able-bodied we are able to handle our chump calls.   § This is important as customer’s amount alert service.   o For the about-face alarm out;  § Agent about-face is an important admeasurement because it shows how annoyed advisers are with the company.   § This is a acceptable indicator of empowerment.   § High about-face can appulse quality, costs, etc.  Essentially, why are the metrics in #1 important?   o For COGs, this is a acceptable advantage admeasurement as the amount needs to be far beneath the retail price.  § Best of these addendum should articulation the metric to some array of barometer of the bloom of the organization. o Why these metrics? 3-Where Do You Get The Data § Within this section, you will explain how you cull the abstracts for the above.   o For ASA;  § Abstracts for the ASA would be pulled from the company's IVR platform.  This belvedere should accomplish basal alarm centermost data.   o For turnover;  § Best HR departments clue this metric and should be able to accommodate as needed.   o For COGs; §  The OM should be tracking this as allotment of the BOM ascribe to the MRP.  o Whatever the metric, the cardinal has to appear from somewhere. For banking data, this can generally be taken from a corporation’s 10K.  o If you are attractive for chump or agent input, surveys can be a acceptable source.  o The capital basic here, alarm how the abstracts will be generated.  o Where does the metric appear from? 4-How Do You Analyze § The aloft acclaimed abstracts all has to be advised in some array of context.  o Within this area you should alarm how the abstracts is analyzed.   § Benchmarking adjoin industry averages, or best in class, is about consistently a acceptable way to assay data.   § For ASA;  · This metric could be compared to chump expectations that could be aggregate by attractive at spontaneity ante and through chump feedback.  · Reviewing trending for MoM (month over month) or YoY (year over year) changes can be a able way to analyze abstracts points.  · The affair here, abridge considerations back attractive at this metric.  o What ambience should be acclimated back reviewing this metric? Provide a advertence page.    

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