Methyl acetate uses

In abounding applications, Eastman methyl acetate can be an able backup for acetone and alternative fast-evaporating solvents. Strength?assay Methanol Water Acidity as acerb acerbic color, PC's Some accepted charwoman applications include: accepted cleaner LOW-VOCE and ecology cleaners Aerosol carburetor cleaners Paint gun cleaners Cleaners for press inks Table 1 Sales blueprint Acreage Eastman methyl acetate can be acclimated abandoned or In calmly attenuated formulations to optimize charwoman efficiency. Because methyl acetate is miscible with best amoebic aerospace, marine, and industrial. Eastman methyl acetate methyl acetate, aerial abstention 96. 0% mint. 2. 5% Max. 1. 5% Max. 0. 15% Max. 5 Max. 99. 5% mint. 0. 10% Max. 0. 05% Max. Cleaners for automated wipes Regulatory and VOCE-exempt cachet Concerns for assignment abode assurance and the ambiance accept led to the deselecting of chlorinated solvents in abounding applications. In the United States, methyl acetate was added to the account of compounds afar from the analogue of airy amoebic admixture (VOCE) on the base that these compounds accept been bent to eve negligible photochemical reactivity. Methyl acetate is almost nontoxic, nonrestrictive, and readily biodegradable, authoritative it advantageous in environmentally affable formulations. Fast dehydration amount Fast dehydration is generally a key achievement claim in charwoman applications. A slow-drying bread-and-butter can impede the charwoman process, abacus added activity cost. In addition, slow-drying solvents can allure aerial contaminants and leave residues that abate the capability of the charwoman processes. Using Eastman methyl acetate in charwoman applications (Continued) Table 2 shows concrete backdrop of methyl acetate against alternative fast-evaporating solvents. Methyl acetate evaporates faster than MEEK and ethyl acetate, acceptance its use as a backup for those solvents in applications area VOCE abridgement is required. Methyl acetate is agnate to acetone in dehydration rate, VOCE exemption, and non-HAP cachet but offers a college beam point and berserk property. The berserk attributes of methyl acetate can be a key achievement belief in charwoman applications area moisture-related problems can accident or bite parts, bistro to defects or rejects.

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