Methods of Presenting Arts

Certain methods of presenting arts are active in adjustment for it to be effective. In presenting his subject, the artists uses altered methods to accurate the abstraction he wants to accomplish clear. The afterward are the frequently acclimated methods in presenting the capacity of arts: Accuracy Abstraction Symbolism Fauvism Dadaism Futurism Surrealism Expressionism REALISM It is the attack to portray the accountable as is. The artisan selects, changes, and arranges capacity to accurate the abstraction he wants to accomplish clear. The artisan capital action is to call accurately what is empiric through the senses. Examples of accuracy ARTS Giora Eshkol (Daydreaming) Willem ClaeszHeda (Banquet Piece with Mince Pie) ABSTRACT It agency to move abroad or separate. Abstruse art moves abroad from assuming things as they absolutely are. The art assignment is not realistic. Types of abstruse art Distortion. The accountable is in misshaped condition. Elongation. The accountable is diffuse for constancy or extension. Mangling, Capacity are either cut, lacerated, burst or hacked. Cubism. Capacity are apparent in basal geometrical shapes. Samples of abstruse art Mary Capan (Title Unknown) Vincent van Gogh (Starry Night) SYMBOLISM The presentation of an airy assurance such as an abstraction or a affection into article visible. Sample of Symbolism Author Unknown (Memento Mori) FAUVISM Themes are either ethical, abstract or psychological. Capacity accurate comfort, joy or happiness. Sample of Fauvist Art assignment Japanese Propaganda affiche during ww II DADAISM A beef movement formed in 1916 by a accumulation of artisan in Zurich, Switzerland. They try to abet the accessible with abandoned forms of arts. Came from the French chat “dada” acceptation “hobby horse”. FUTURISM Its’ works aims to abduction the acceleration and force of avant-garde automated association and to acclaim the automated activity of avant-garde life. SURREALISM Founded in Paris in 1924 by French artist Andre Breton. It tries to acknowledge a new and college absoluteness than that of circadian life. They affirmation to actualize a bewitched apple added admirable than the absolute one through art. It came from the argot of cool realism. Sample of Surrealism Gennady Privedentsev (Bird`s Cocktail) EXPRESSIONISM The Expressionist accent on alone angle has been characterized as a acknowledgment to authoritativeness and alternative aesthetic styles such as accuracy and impressionism.

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