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WEEK 3 ONLINE CLASS: SCIENCE WRITING Not all Artistic Album is memoir! A lot of abundant essays that abatement into the Artistic Album brand are science-oriented.  They are advised “creative nonfiction” because they alloy elements of fiction autograph (plot, anecdotal arc, character, dialogue, etc.) into their structure. Lately, both the autograph and science communities accept apparent that bodies booty in accurate advice bigger aback it is told like a story. For this reason, it is key that alike the best data-driven of scientists apperceive a bit about storytelling! This week, I am allurement you to apprehend two “science writing” essays and assay them for the artistic album accoutrement they employ. I’ve created a “Journal” for you in BbLearn and alleged it by your name. In that journal, I’d like you to acknowledgment the questions presented below. Article 1: David Quamman, “The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion” Are there characters in this essay?  Who are they?  Who are the capital ones and who are the acknowledging ones? Is there a plot?  What is it?  Aback does it aiguille and how does it get resolved? Article 2: Jason Bittel, “Seeing Stars” What is Bittel’s “frame” for this piece?  How is he capturing his audience’s absorption in adjustment to bear accurate facts? How would you alarm his tone? Thinking aback on the piece, what actuality sticks out best in your mind?  How did the columnist alarm absorption to that accurate fact? Your comments charge to be acquaint on your account by midinight on Monday, 9/10.  

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