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College Writing English 111 Fall 2012 Essay #3: Writing Strategy Prompts Evaluation Using the techniques of amusing banter modeled in “A Word from My Anti-Phone Soapbox” (pg. 131), appraise a accessible policy, amusing movement, or cultural trend you accept deserves austere and abundant criticism. But don’t address a cardboard artlessly anecdotic your ambition as dangerous, pathetic, or unsuccessful. Instead, accomplish bodies beam at your ambition while additionally alms a believable alternative. Causal Assay After analytical the way Charles Paul Freund deals with jeans (pg. 70), analyze a commensurable trend you accept noticed or a change in association or ability that deserves scrutiny. It ability chronicle to technology, entertainment, political preference, fashion, acceptance of careers, or alternative areas. Address an assay of the phenomenon, because either causes or abeyant after-effects of this new mania. Again allegorize the trend with images that advance its cultural ability or significance. Spend some time in the aperture of your cardboard anecdotic the trend and establishing that it is consequential. Rhetorical Assay Using Seth Stevenson’s “Ad Report Card Can Cougars Sell Cough Drops? ” on pg. 253 as a model, address your own analytical assay of a distinct ad or abounding ad attack you acquisition aces of attention. Choose a beginning campaign, one that hasn’t yet accustomed abundant commentary. Literary Assay In “Insanity: Two Women” (pg. 231), Kanaka Sathasivan does a close, about line-by-line assay of Emily Dickinson’s “I acquainted a Funeral in my Brain”; again she compares the capacity and strategies of the composition to those she finds n Charlotte Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper. ” For a activity of your own, do either a abutting account of a admired abbreviate composition or song or a allegory of two works from altered genres of media. For the abutting reading, aggravate out all the meanings and strategies you can bare and appearance readers how the argument works. For the comparison, be abiding to actuality with works that absorption you because of some important similarity: They may allotment a affair or artifice or alike be the aforementioned assignment in two altered media—The Prince of Persia video bold and movie, for instance.

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