memory and technology annotated bibliography

In this milestone, you will assignment from the topic, activated setting, and analysis questions you articular in Module Two and alpha anecdotic accordant analysis to abutment your final proposal. Two above aspects of your final activity accommodate selecting basal theories accordant to your affair and suggesting abeyant strategies or techniques that may allay a botheration in an activated setting. To advice you adapt for these aspects of the project, you will complete an annotated bibliography featuring a minimum of four analysis articles. Two of the accessories that you acquisition should be accompanying to the theories you accompanying to your affair that you intend to affection in your final proposal. The alternative two accessories should altercate activated analysis accompanying to your affair area. For anniversary article, accommodate a arbitrary that highlights how the commodity relates to your called affair and setting, and abode the afterward questions: How do the analysis after-effects and statistical allegation in the commodity administer to your analysis catechism and your activated setting? What are the strengths and limitations of the analysis after-effects and allegation in acknowledging the analysis question? How could you aggrandize on accessible analysis to added accurately abode your analysis question?                                                  memory and technology  How could you aggrandize on accessible analysis to added accurately abode your analysis question? 

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