Meeting With a Counseling Professional – Reflection

  Assignment – Preparation To advice you adapt for your final appointment in Unit 10, apprehend Gibson, Dollarhide, and Moss's 2010 article, "Professional Character Development: A Grounded Theory of Transformational Tasks of New Counselors," from Counselor Apprenticeship and Supervision, aggregate 50, affair 1, pages 21–38. (Link to this commodity is accustomed in the resources.) Also, analysis the Developing Your Able Character Scoring Adviser to apperceive the requirements and allocation belief for the assignment. Resources Professional Character Development: A Grounded Theory of Transformational Tasks of New Counselors.   Overview Meeting with a counseling able is a abundant befalling to activate to analyze the profession of counseling. Individuals may booty a array of paths to become competent in their fields. As they attain education, administer the knowledge, and accretion acquaintance in the field, they activate to anatomy their able identities. The affair you captivated with a counseling able gave you the befalling to analyze a professional's background, credentials, and experiences, and helped you to accept the accent of abutting aural the profession. The purpose of this appointment is to reflect on what you abstruse from your meeting. Besides summarizing what you heard, anticipate about how your compassionate has increased. Accede how the able you met with accustomed at area he or she is today. Anticipate about the affiliation you would like to accept to the acreage of counseling, and accede what that agency in agreement of the able character that you would like to achieve. Directions Submit a 1–2-page absorption cardboard summarizing your affair with your adroitness adviser (MFCT, MHC, and SC learners) or a counseling able in the association (certificate, Pre-Counseling Psychology majors, and non-degree learners). Review the scoring adviser accustomed in the assets to accomplish abiding you accept how this appointment will be graded.

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